Adevice: fresh projects on clean water

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Aug 072014

Smart cities are no longer a plan, but a reality; projects based on FIWARE technology are little by little being launched and, then, improving the quality of the cities we live in. If some months ago, we could read words by Francisco Jariego, from Telefonica R&D, stating that “cities are the best innovation machine we’ve invented”; we can now be certain that that machine is effectively running. Projects as Adevice are an irrefutable evidence of how the ecosystem created by FIWARE can make our cities a better place to live.

Adevice is an enterprise born in 2008 (Seville, Spain) with a clear interest in wireless communication. Its first and main project allowed private water consumption to be measured from afar; thus laying the foundations of a business that would double its staff members by 2013/14 and would be clearly product-oriented by then. Adevice is now developing —together with the FIWARE platform, the Seville City Hall and Telefónica— a new pilot project that will allow some parameters (such as levels of chlorine, PH or air speed) to be measured at public fountains. Those data can then be consulted and will assure the control of the good state and healthy standards of these facilities.
This pilot system is already installed at the fountain of Plaza España, one of the main fountains of Seville, and is intended to reach up to four more fountains in a period of two months. This new type of M2M communication with interoperable data is defining the way cities of the future will operate; and offers the advantage of working at a very low cost, as in the case of Adevice and its fountain technology. Adevice did also collaborate with FIWARE at the Hackathon in Santander, where the anonymous data of a million water consumption measurements were provided so that participants could test our technology.

Adevice’s project is a great example of how the FIWARE platform can be used to make cities get smarter and smarter. The Internet of Things is allowing this new kind of city management to develop and it is now keeping Sevillian fountains safe and clean. The next time you see the crystal clear waters of a fountain; remember that it is thanks to initiatives such as Adevice and its collaboration with FIWARE that they stay that way.

Picture by Antonio Gil

FI-WARE meets entrepreneurs in Seville and announces expansion of FI-Lab

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Mar 172014
Seville FI-WARE

Today, March 17th, it is a special day for FI-WARE because the city of Seville inaugurates one of the first nodes that will considerably expand the computing capacity of FI-Lab, the open innovation environment where developers can experiment with FI-WARE technologies and the ecosystem where entrepreneurs can get in touch with potential investors and clients.

You can download a Press Kit here.

The inauguration of this first node (data-center) represents the initial stages of FI-Lab’s expansion all over Europe. A first phase of this expansion will consist in the connection of a series of data centers located in Spain operated by (in the cities of Seville, Malaga, Las Palmas and Santander).  The expansion of the computing capacity provided by the FI-Lab datacenter located in Seville has been achieved thanks to an agreement signed between the Seville city council and

Following this, FI-Lab will expand throughout Europe creating a powerful network of datacenters in other regions that have joined forces to promote the adoption of FI-WARE as an open standard. The FI-PPP, via the XiFi project, launched an Open Call to identify different entities that provide and operate new data centers in Greece, Italy, the Czech Republic and other countries in Europe, further expanding FI-Lab’s computing capacity.

FI-Lab also allows cities, administrations, companies and other organizations to upload open data that may help entrepreneurs to develop innovative applications. So far, ​​arrangements have already been made for a large number of cities to publish open data through FI-Lab, answering the call made by European Commissioner Neelie Kroes made when she launched the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities, back in September 2013.  This way, third parties can develop applications based on FI-WARE that enable a more efficient management of municipal services or bring innovative services that are useful to citizens.  The initial set of cities include Sevilla, Málaga, Santander, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Valencia, Trento, Torino, Espoo or Lisbon.

2014 is a key year for the adoption of the FI-WARE platform by the wide community of developers, including SMEs and entrepreneurs. Throughout the year, the FI-PPP will aim to promote the innovation and development of the Future Internet in Europe through the funding of companies and entrepreneurs.

One hundred million Euros will be destined to fund companies and entrepreneurs who develop applications based on FI-WARE during the final months of 2014 and 2015, through grants given by the European Commission.  The initiative will benefit more than 1,000 companies that will be selected through an open call process.  Each of the selected SMEs may receive funding in the order of €50,000 to €150,000.  

In the meantime, FI-WARE has recently announced the release of two new challenges that will reward the best applications developed on the platform with more than €340,000. One that will award applications that help to promote initiatives that benefit society in areas such as education, health or inclusion with the so called “Smart Society” Challenge. Another one witll award different open-themed applications that make the best use of FI-WARE technologies with the “FI-WARE Excellence” Challenge.

More info?  Download the press kit that contains the Press Release along with extra information and audiovisual materials. 

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Smart city events in Spain: Seville, Malaga and Zaragoza

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Oct 242012

FI-WARE is going to make three major presentations to explain the capabilities of the Platform. They shall take place in Seville, (November 6th), Malaga (November 8-9th) and Zaragoza (November 8-9th). Those event are part of the efforts to explain to spanish SME the possibilitites of FI-WARE and the opportunities that the PPP shall offer in Phase III


Sevile event programme (November 6th)


Apertura (9:15-9:45)

o   Alcaldía de Sevilla (Sr. D. Juan Ignacio Zoido, Alcalde de Sevilla)

o   Telefónica (Sra. Doña. María Jesús Almazor, Directora Territorio Sur Telefónica)

Los instrumentos de participación  (9:45-10:15)

o   Ministerio de Industria (Sr. D. Juan Corro, Jefe de Gabinete Secretaria de Estado de las Telecomunicaciones y para la Sociedad de la Información)

La plataforma  (10:15-10:30)

o   La plataforma Fi-WARE. Una visión general de la plataforma y sus objetivos (Sr. D. José Jiménez, Director de Programas de Colaboración de Telefónica)

Las ciudades inteligentes  (10:30-11:30)

o   Ciudad de Sevilla (Sr. D. Jesús Maza, Vicepresidente de la Corporación de empresas municipales de Sevilla A.I.E.)

o   Ciudad de Málaga (Sr. D. Antonio Quirós, Director del Área de NNTT)

o   Ciudades Extranjeras (Sra. Dña. Ana García, Representante Enoll)

Café 11:30-12:00h

Mesa redonda con otras ciudades invitadas (12:00-13:30)

o   Ciudad  de Sabadell (Sr. D. Xavier Izquierdo, Coordinador d’EspaiPúblicde´lAjuntament)

o   Ciudad  de Valladolid (Sra. Doña. Teresa Redondo, Directora de Área de Presidencia del Ayuntamiento)

o   Ciudad de Tarragona (Sr. D.  Javier Villamayor, Director de Proyecto Tarragona Mediterranean Smart City)

o   Ciudad de Alcalá de Henares (Sr. D.  Javier Fernández, Director de NNTT del Ayuntamiento)

Modera: Sra. Dña. Raquel Morito (Telefónica)

La Smart City en colaboracion (13:30-14:10)

o   Programa CELTIC (Dr. Peter Herrmann, Coordinador del Programa)

o   ETICOM. El papel de las Pymes en proyecto FIWARE (Sr. D. Adolfo Borrero, Presidente)

o   IDE.SEVILLA (Sr. D. Francisco López, Coordinador–Director SIG Gerencia de Urbanismo del Ayuntamiento de Sevilla)

Tiempo libre almuerzo.  14:10-15:30h

Los organismos públicos y los instrumentos de apoyo y financiación (15:30-17:30)

o (Sr. D. Tomás de Miguel, Director Red iris)

o   Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio (Sr. D. Jesús Cañadas, Foro iniciativas FI de los Estados miembros de la UE )

o   CDTI (Sra. Dña. Rebeca Frías, Dirección de Mercados)

Modera: (Ayuntamiento de Sevilla)

Sesión de plataforma es.internet (17:30-18:30)