FIWARE transforms cities into engines of innovation – SCEWC 2014

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Nov 242014
SCEWC Boa Mistura

Last week, FIWARE attended one of the pioneering events in terms of technology and urbanism, Smart City Expo World Congress; a congress that, according to its webpage, gathered 9,424 visitors in 2013. They, and the 293 cities from 80 different countries participating, make it become the best place to show innovative projects aiming to transform cities into engines of innovation. And it has only needed three years to climb to the highest tops of Smart Cities events, with more than 400 experts speaking about the technology that is already making cities a smarter environment and a better place to live.

The presence of FIWARE at Smart City Expo was more than picturesque, as its stand had been designed and made by Boa Mistura, a young team of graffiti artists that was born in 2001 and that combines different perspectives to create great optical illusions where the viewer plays an active role when observing the work of art (a technique known as anamorphosis). The FIWARE stand was then a place where creativity, both in terms of art and digital innovation, swept over everybody’s minds. “Smart Cities, Open Minds” were the welcoming words that lead visitors into the inner lounge, where one could meet technology experts and representatives from some of the FIWARE accelerators.

In the FIWARE stand, we could attend different workshops that presented some of the accelerators. INCENSe, FI-C3, frontierCities, IMPACT or SpeedUP! Europe were among them. But Sergio García (Smart City FIWARE specialist, Telefonica), Maurizio Cecchi and Juan José Hierro (Chief architect of the FIWARE platform) also delivered some speeches about how the FIWARE technology can shape the cities of the future. The Smart City Expo World Congress 2014 did also witness a crowded conference by Mario Campolargo, from the European Commission, where the Catalonian strategy to develop not only Smart Cities but also Smart Regions was discussed. In it, Mr. Campolargo highlighted FIWARE as a key factor in this development; as, in his words, “Smart Cities will benefit from these investments, and citizens themselves will improve the urban life.”


But, at the very same time, some other events had been also taking place. During the previous days to the FIWARE presence in SCE (16th and 17th of November), the CitiSense 2014 Conference, organized by the World Bank had aimed to share innovative projects to enhance public service delivery through technology-enabled collaboration with citizens, and to promote interaction of experts and partners with cities from all over the world. Sergio García presented FIWARE in the Open Cities workshop, set up to stimulate the discussion about how "efficiently respond to the challenges in areas such as mobility, energy and environmental protection”. As a whole, CitiSense 2014, attended by around 150 people, attracted a combination of city policy officers and technology specialists, representatives of some national innovation agencies, innovation experts and community managers from all over the world. The FIWARE participation in CitiSense helped to establish new contacts with difficult-to-reach audiences and to consolidate some existing contacts.

SCEWC WorkshopAnd for those who wanted to see how FIWARE is already shaping a new kind of city, some projects developed with FIWARE were also present at the stand, so that everyone could meet them and get to know personally how FIWARE helps them, as developers, to build their innovative services. Among them, we could see EsAccesible, an app that measures the accessibility of places; Adevice, a system that makes public fountains keep clean; Virtual Oulu, a 3D virtual representation of that Finnish city to be overflown with Oculus Rift; Graffter, an app to make virtual graffiti; CitySense, a system that transforms individuals into data sensors thanks to smartphones; Smartaxi, an app to help taxi drivers find customers; or We Build Hamburg, an app that allows the citizens of Hamburg to plan the buildings of their own city.

If fifteen European cities have already opened their data and have taken the step to become smart with FIWARE (Torino, Trento, Spoo, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Valencia, Málaga or Lisbon are just examples); in Smart City Expo World Congress, all the technology that has made it possible was shown and discussed. It was a great experience to see all of the decisive factors gathered and in action, together with a creative environment that fostered innovation. At the end of the day, it is not only about technology, it’s about people; about making Open Minds create Smart Cities.


Il Future Internet accelera la Smart City


The Future Internet accelerates the Smart City

The experience of Turin in FIWARE Lab and funding for businesses by FIWARE Accelerator Programme


9:00 am Registration

9.30 Opening: City of Turin and the Turin Polytechnic 

10.00 The experience of Turin in FIWARE Lab

Future Internet, FIWARE and FIWARE Lab, future results and developments -Pierangelo Garino, Telecom Italy 
The opportunities for companies and PA – Barbara Pralio, Torino Wireless Foundation 
The application for Urban Safety – Silvia Chiusano, Politecnico di Torino 
The experimentation with the City of Turin – Gianfranco Todesco, Municipal Police

Coffee break

11.30 A word from the accelerators FIWARE: presentation of the opportunities offered by FIWARE Accelerator Programme

IMPACT – Simona Tower, Hello 
FINODEX – Veronica Barchetta, TrentoRise 
SOUL-FI – Mark Scerbo, Foundation for Research and Innovation 
CreatiFI – Trentino Sviluppo 

12.30 The experience of the Piedmont Region in the sharing of technologies and Open Data – Gabriella Serratrice, Piedmont Region 

12.45 Conclusions

FIWARE Challenges Awards

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Oct 182014
FIWARE Smart Society

At FIWARE Multi-Site Event, the prizes of Excellence and Smart Society Challenges have been given, two categories that witnessed the presentation of 9 teams in Gran Canaria and 18 in Seville. The jury, formed by FIWARE members, sector representatives and the accelerators, has valued the work of teams, which have received training and have collaborated with FIWARE architects to improve their prototypes during the whole week. The Irish project Fonesense and the Brazilian FI-Guardian have both won the Excellence Challenge. Cares, a Mexican project, has won the Smart Society.

A total amount of 39 teams have reached the finals of both challenges, although only 27 attended the event. Five Spanish teams, one from Ireland, another from Germany, one Greek and another from Brazil arrived at Canarias. Some of them have already participated in different FIWARE Challenges, such as the Campus Party at Brazil.

All of them were good enough to be awarded and met the requirements of the challenges, the first and most important one, using FIWARE technologies to develop their prototypes. It has been a week of excitement and hard work. In both sites, Seville and Canarias, working hand in hand with FIWARE architects has assured very high quality presentations. In the afternoon of Thursday 16th, the candidates of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria presented their projects and, the following day, the same happened in Seville.

Although it was planned to have a winner for each award, the jury at Las Palmas of Gran Canaria has decided to declare null and void one of the awards, to give two first prizes FI-Guardian and Fonesense. “The quality was very high”, Fermín Galán explained, president of the jury in Gran Canaria. In Seville, the first prize has been for the Mexican project Cares.

The category of Smart Society, whose prizes were given in Seville, awarded the development of the most innovative apps for societal purposes. Apps concerning education, health care or social inclusion, for instance. In this category, candidates could also be chosen for the Excellence Challenge. The list of finalists was elaborated at Campus Labs, but two of them (both Spanish), Kodefu and Where2Study, got their post at Hack 4 Good. The rest of the projects in the final, 12 of them were Spanish, were: Magicbox, Proyecto Stic, MyEco, EsAccesible App, FiGlass, HEALTHIOX: ITIOX, EruditFriend, Cares, OurSkin, BEING IN TOUCH: BiT, PajamaKids, Societal, ProHealth, WakeUp, Sixcampus, My people care, A_Outbarriers HackAcademy, HappyCities and RL-Education.

In this category, the winners have been:

  • “Cares”: First Prize, with a prize of 75,000 €
  •  “My people care”: Second Prize, with a prize of 40,000 €
  • “A_Outbarriers”: Third Prize, with a prize of 20,000 €
  • “Being in Touch”: Special Mention, most innovative application, with a   prize of 5,000 €
  • “Sixcampus”: Special Mention, young developer, with a prize of 5,000€

Smart Society Challenge

The prizes of the Excellence Challenge were given in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. This category focuses on services developed for the Internet of the future and dedicated to Smart Cities, Smart Industry and Smart Business. During the whole week, all participants have tested their prototypes and improved them together with FIWARE architects. Projects from different countries of the world reached this final. Among the candidates, we found FI-Guardian, Smart Box, Apparkart, FoodLoop, FoneSense, Wadjet, Interact, Spring, Small Signals. More information about them can be found at

In this category, the winners were:

  • “FI-Guardian” and “Fonesense”: First Prize, each with a prize of 25,000 €
  • “Small Signals” and “Wadjet”: Excellence in IoT, each with a prize of 10,000€
  • “Spring”: Excellence in User Interface, with a prize of 10,000 €

Excellence Challenge


Review of the European Conference for the Future Internet (ECFI)

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Sep 182014

At last, after so much work, the FIWARE Accelerator Programme is now being presented at the European Conference for the Future Internet (ECFI) in Munich! Some 400 people are attending this meeting point where developers, entrepreneurs and accelerators can experience this technology first hand. Within the framework of the FIWARE Accelerator Programme, the European Commission destines 80 million euros to fostering innovation and businesses on the Internet of the Future. The motto that could be heard among the conference stages and stands where the accelerators, entities in charge of distributing the funds, presented their target businesses was: “Not without FIWARE”. And the very same objective did Mario Campolargo, chair of Net Futures (European Commission), highlight when he said: “their goal is to promote business projects”.

In the style of a trade fair, ECFI showed its best face from the stands where IMG_1097the enterprises promoted FIWARE and its different strategic domains (Smart Cities, eHealth, Transport, Energy & Environment, AgriFood, Media & Content, Manufacturing & Logistics, and Social & Learning). While the press interviewed SmartCities projects’ developers (projects already in use in cities such as Málaga, Seville and Valencia), visitors exchanged their business cards and phone numbers while taking some coffee and presenting their ideas in different European languages. Representatives of other projects such as FoodLoop or Adevice were also present at the event and participated actively in it. The developers of another innovative project were also there. We are talking about Smartaxi, a Spanish app developed thanks to FIWARE, which allows taxi drivers to know where/when to find a higher number of customers. According to its webpage, the idea came to its developers’ minds thanks to a friend of theirs, who was a taxi driver himself.

In the halls of the School of Mathematics and Informatics of the University of Munich, where two big slides connect the highest floors to the main floor, different speeches showed that the technology is now a reality and that businesses are about to become real with the support of this Private-Public Partnership.

Which open calls are already open?

If you have a bright idea and you want to be part of this revolutionary breakthrough, you can also participate in the FIWARE Accelerator Programme! Six of the whole amount of 16 accelerators have already opened their open calls and are waiting for your proposal. Let’s see what they seek:

  • Soul-FI: it aims to enhance the development of Smart Cities in the areas of energy, mobility, environment, resources, tourism and quality of life.  Is that your case? You have until the 31st of October to submit your proposal.
  • FI-Adopt: it will target highly innovative, yet realistic, and sustainable applications in the areas of learning and training, healthy behaviour and social integration. You also have until the 31st of October to submit your proposal.
  • CEED Tech: it longs to help young companies build viable products, launch them quickly and successfully raise capital in the domains of Smart Cities, energy, media and content, and manufacturing and logistics. Do you want to participate? Submit your proposal before the 15th of December.
  • SmartAgriFood: this accelerator will foster smart apps and services for agriculture. Do not miss this opportunity and submit your proposal before the 15th of November.
  • EuropeanPioneers:it is boosting digital media businesses in an intensive 8-month acceleration in the domains of Smart Cities, learning, social connected TV or pervasive gaming. Does it sound interesting to you? Submit your proposal before the 31st of October.  
  • FICHe: FICHe will accelerate eHealth app development across Europe. If you want to be part of that development, submit your proposal before the 31st of October.

But these accelerators are just a part of the whole FIWARE Accelerator Programme, in coming weeks, more and more calls will be open. Submit your project and be part of the future, the change, the progress. 


ECFI: 80 Million Euros to be awarded to SMEs and Startups

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Aug 252014

In September 2014, while Munich is getting ready for the Oktoberfest, the city will also hold an event that will help hundreds of entrepreneurs create their businesses. The European Commission, in collaboration with FIWARE, has allocated a total budget of 100 million euros (80 million of which are fully destined to SMEs and startups) to foster innovation and business growth. The 16 FIWARE accelerators will not only be present at the event, but will also be open to proposals and available for those who want to talk personally to them. The European Conference on Future Internet (ECFI) is destined to be the main meeting point for developers, accelerators, politicians and entrepreneurs in terms of Future Internet.

If, according to Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission, “the Internet is an amazing opportunity for any kind of innovator”, innovators are now called to attend an event where workshops and real success stories are a true value, thus grasping each and every one of the opportunities that the Internet of the Future has to offer. And of course it is not all about funding, FIWARE accelerators will also offer mentoring and advice to the selected projects. Again in the words of Neelie Kroes, “if you are a startup or small business with a bright idea for a new app or service, ECFI is a great way to make your digital dream come true.”

ECFI will definitely be an opportunity that SMEs and entrepreneurs can‘t miss; so, if you are one of them, do not hesitate to register at and attend the event where the latest FI technologies will be discussed, as well as their use in strategic sectors of the European economy such as health, transport, education, energy, agriculture or smart cities. Do not allow yourself to be out of the Future!

FIWARE Jump Conference: Boost SME’s and Startups with FIWARE

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Aug 212014
As soon as startups / SMEs begin to have results publish news about their projects and how they are developing.

Are you a Startup, SME or web-entrepreneur, eager to design new apps and services? Europe offers you a chance to receive financing and support to develop your next Future Internet project.

The European Commission makes €80 million in funding available for the development of new web applications that make use of the already developed FIWARE open source technology.

FIWARE is an innovative, open cloud-based infrastructure for cost-effective creation and delivery of Future Internet applications and services, at a scale not seen before. FIWARE API specifications are public and royalty-free, driven by the development of an open source reference implementation which accelerates the availability of commercial products and services based on FIWARE technologies.

The event is promoted by CMP and SOUL-FI. SOUL-FI is one of the FIWARE accelerators which aims to grow innovative web-based solutions and services applying FIWARE technology. SOUL-FI provides funding to startups and SMEs (over €5 million in grants) and targeted support services to talented entrepreneurs to help bring new products (apps and services) to market.

During this information session (English spoken), we will provide more insight about the FIWARE technology and the FIWARE Accelerators program. In addition, we’ll focus on the first open calls, launched in Sep/Oct 2014. Selected projects will start end 2014, early 2015.

Participation in this event is free of charge, however we kindly ask you to register.

Friday, September 5th, we welcome you!

Venue: Palácio da Bolsa
Address: Rua Ferreira Borges, 4050-253 Porto


Event agenda: Friday, 5th September 2014

12:15-13:30 Reception with ‘walking lunch’, with exposition of FIWARE Accelerators & network

13:30-14:00 Welcome and opening, by the Porto Chairman (to be confirmed), European Commission (Jesus Villasante), SOUL-FI project coordinator (Carlos Bento).

14:00-14:30 FI-WARE Opportunities, by Jesus Villasante                                           …from funding opportunities to FIWARE technology and application worldwide!

14:30-16:10 FI-WARE Technology and Use-cases

1. FIWARE technology – from simplicity to business generation, by Thomas Bohnert

2. Presentation of use cases for:

  • Smart-cities & mobility by Sergio García Gómez from Telefónica
  • Health & Well-being, by Maria João Barros from Eurescom
  • Multimedia & Gaming by Artur Serra from i2cat
  • Smart-AgriFood by Eloi Montcada Plusfresh

​3. Round table with external moderator (45min)

16:10-16:30 Break and ‘walking coffee’, explore FIWARE Accelerators opportunities

16:30-17:00 SMEs | Startups | Web-entrepreneurs: Acceleration programs & offers by FIWARE Accelerators representatives.

17:00-17:30 Closing remarks & drinks, by Portuguese Government representative.


For further information contact Nuno Varandas at Instituto Pedro Nunes []

SOUL-FI poster

Presentation: A Basic Guide to FIWARE

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Jun 162014

Gradually there are more and more people who are familiar with FIWARE: through our Challenges and Hackathons, through the FIWARE Bootcamps we are having all over Europe with Startup Weekend, or the many conferences we attend. But there is lot of people who still don't know about the vision and the goals behind this pan-European effort, what FI-WARE technology offers and what makes it different from other platforms. 

For those who are looking to get a quick start: check out the presentation below. At the end you will find links to start working with FI-WARE technology right away

Conference: FIWARE LAB, a guide to the Ecosystem of the Future Internet

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Apr 242014

If you are a developer, a web entrepreneur, a start-up that's working on The-Next-Amazing-App… and through the Press, Blogs or Forums you've heard about this "thing" called FIWARE and FIWARE Lab but you still aren't quite sure how this really could be useful to you: watch the conference below these lines. 

In this presentation Juanjo Hierro, FIWARE's Coordinator and Chief Architect (who knows FIWARE and FIWARE Lab inside out) presents a guide of what they offer. From how it originates within the Future Internet Public-Private Partnership to the real products you can use today: an Open Standard Platform that is growing larger each day (FI-WARE) and the complementary and revolutionary idea of an Open Innovation Ecosystem that is built upon it (FI-Lab

Learn what we mean when we speak of FIWARE's Generic Enablers and how FIWARE can lower the costs of developing your project. Go through what services are already available in FIWARE Lab (such as the Openstack-based Cloud and a rich library of Generic Enablers that provide Internet of Things & Machine to Machine services, Context & Data management, Privacy & Security, Storage, network provisioning, region management, frameworks for business & delivery, rich web-based user interfaces and the kind of tools that allow access and control from everywhere and from multiple devices…) 

And finally, pay special attention to everything that is coming from FIWARE and FIWARE Lab in the next months. In conclusion: start getting ready because this is only the beginning. 

For a quick start visit our Developers Portal or go straight ahead and start exploring FIWARE Lab