FIWARE in Campus Party Mexico 2015

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Jul 312015

Guadalajara (Jalisco, Mexico), the place where Mexican traditions as widely known as tequila and mariachis were born, the second city of the country in population, did also place itself as a leading Mexican city in terms of technology from the 23rd to the 26th of July 2015. As Sao Paulo (Brazil) did in February 2015, during those days Guadalajara 2hosted Campus Party Mexico 2015 and gathered an audience much bigger than expected. Longing to see some of the participants such as Rodolfo Neri Vela (first Mexican astronaut), Zach King (Vine star) or Bruce Dickinson (lead vocalist of Iron Maiden), campuseros could also live a true FIWARE experience! Do you want to know what we did there? Keep on reading and discover it all!

Right next to Palco Luna, the FIWARE logo brightened with a blue light and in strong contrast to the white that dominated the place. Among other reasons, this year, FIWARE attended Campus Party México 2015 to present the new FIWARE node that is to be open and that will become the biggest node in Latin America, thus strengthening the role that FIWARE plays in Mexico and achieving technological autonomy for the country. This node was presented earlier that week in Mexico D.F. in collaboration with Infotec and the Mexican 1Technology Platform (MTP). This will allow Mexico, as Juanjo Hierro stated during Campus Party, to be the first Latin American country to deploy FIWARE and its acceleration programmes.

Participants in Campus Party Mexico 2015 could attend both an introductory speech by Juanjo Hierro, Hugo Estrada and Juan Manuel Romero in Palco Tierra and detailed workshops by technology experts to learn how to use FIWARE to make the most out of their ideas. Juan Manuel Romero did also present his own project, Cares, and his own experience as FIWARE entrepreneur, finalist of a FIWARE hackathon in other Campus Party and winner of the FIWARE Smart Society Challenge. But not only that! Attendees could also participate in the #FIWAREIoT competition. They only needed to follow FIWARE on Twitter and tell us what they would connect to the Internet of Things. The best answers got a FIWARE T-Shirt!

Let’s be honest, all of that is great, but the truth is that, if there was something that drew everybody’s attention, it was the FIWARE 4Smart Apps hackathon, whose prize climbed up to 170,000 pesos (about 10,000 €). Pedro Pablo Rodríguez won the first prize with the project HugTeddy, which allows busy parents to watch for their little children and not to miss out any detail of their growth. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Stay tuned because we will soon post more information about the three projects that got the three prizes, so that you can learn how they used FIWARE to develop their own projects.

In short, Campus Party Mexico was, as it always is, a great and funny experience both for the FIWARE team and all the developers that participated in our activities. The only thing we can say is… see you soon, campuseros

FISPRINKLER: Winners of the FIWARE hackathon at Campus Party Brasil 2015

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Feb 172015
Campus Party Brazil FIWARE
If there was something at Campus Party Brasil that drew the attention of everyone, that was the award of RS 20,000 that was to be given to the app making the best use of FIWARE. Seven teams presented their proposals. They had only five days to develop their projects. During all that time, a group of FIWARE experts stayed in the FIWARE stand, so that all participants could ask their questions and remove their doubts. Finally, FISPRINKLER, an app aiming to solve the problem of severe droughts in Brazil, won the prize and received the award from the team of FI-Guardian, winners of the challenge that was launched during Campus Party Brasil 2014. And this is what the team of FISPRINKLER told us!
1. What does your project consist on?
The project is a solution to use and control of rain water in agriculture. The idea came from a critical problem in Brazil today, the lack of water. This is the worst drought we face in 80 years. Initially we thought of a solution to rainwater harvesting for residential use but during the research we found that water for exclusively human use was no more than 6% and that agriculture was the villain, consuming 72% of the drinking water.
2. How has FIWARE helped you develop it in just five days?
Five days is never enough to develop a project. But it was enough to understand the concept of FIWARE and apply. By using the FIWARE, it was possible to develop in less time, once it is a fully structured and acquainted platform.
3. Which Generic Enablers have you used? Why?
The FIWARE Lab did not work properly during the hackathon. The solution was to set up our own infrastructure. In our servers we installed and used Orion Context Broker to enable the data record.
4. How was your first contact with FIWARE?
Our first contact with FIWARE was through POLI – São Paulo University. We talked about it with some professors but we didn’t understand well. Only with the FIWARE architects during the workshops we learned enough to develop an idea. They were very attentive, we would like to thank them.
5. How do you plan to continue working?
The next step is to create our prototype. We are currently talking to a farmer who already own the whole physical part of the project, except the electronics and monitoring part. We believe that the FIWARE will speed up the process of development and release of the software because it already has several components that we can reuse in the application scope.
Winners of FIWARE hackathon in Campus Party

The 5 greatest things of Campus Party Brasil 2015

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Feb 112015
FIWARE in Campus Party Brasil

Whether you attended Campus Party Brasil last week because you like videogames or because you simply love technology, because you’re a geek (and proud!) or a businessman, there were some things you definitely must have seen. Do you think Carnival is the only interesting thing happening in Brazil in February? Then wait and read this post, let’s see the 5 greatest thing we could find at Campus Party Brasil 2015!

1. Customized computers

Everyone brought his/her computer to Campus Party Brasil and, although some of them were just that, computers, there were others you could not even believe they were even related to technology. There were lots of them, showing their guts to anyone passing by. But if I had to set a ranking, the first positions would definitely be for this awesome robot, this cute minion from My Despicable Me or (my favourite) this huge Charizard that, together with Pikachu, was the perfect company for some days by your computer. Have you tried and customized yours?

Continue reading »

FIWARE Challenges Awards

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Oct 182014
FIWARE Smart Society

At FIWARE Multi-Site Event, the prizes of Excellence and Smart Society Challenges have been given, two categories that witnessed the presentation of 9 teams in Gran Canaria and 18 in Seville. The jury, formed by FIWARE members, sector representatives and the accelerators, has valued the work of teams, which have received training and have collaborated with FIWARE architects to improve their prototypes during the whole week. The Irish project Fonesense and the Brazilian FI-Guardian have both won the Excellence Challenge. Cares, a Mexican project, has won the Smart Society.

A total amount of 39 teams have reached the finals of both challenges, although only 27 attended the event. Five Spanish teams, one from Ireland, another from Germany, one Greek and another from Brazil arrived at Canarias. Some of them have already participated in different FIWARE Challenges, such as the Campus Party at Brazil.

All of them were good enough to be awarded and met the requirements of the challenges, the first and most important one, using FIWARE technologies to develop their prototypes. It has been a week of excitement and hard work. In both sites, Seville and Canarias, working hand in hand with FIWARE architects has assured very high quality presentations. In the afternoon of Thursday 16th, the candidates of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria presented their projects and, the following day, the same happened in Seville.

Although it was planned to have a winner for each award, the jury at Las Palmas of Gran Canaria has decided to declare null and void one of the awards, to give two first prizes FI-Guardian and Fonesense. “The quality was very high”, Fermín Galán explained, president of the jury in Gran Canaria. In Seville, the first prize has been for the Mexican project Cares.

The category of Smart Society, whose prizes were given in Seville, awarded the development of the most innovative apps for societal purposes. Apps concerning education, health care or social inclusion, for instance. In this category, candidates could also be chosen for the Excellence Challenge. The list of finalists was elaborated at Campus Labs, but two of them (both Spanish), Kodefu and Where2Study, got their post at Hack 4 Good. The rest of the projects in the final, 12 of them were Spanish, were: Magicbox, Proyecto Stic, MyEco, EsAccesible App, FiGlass, HEALTHIOX: ITIOX, EruditFriend, Cares, OurSkin, BEING IN TOUCH: BiT, PajamaKids, Societal, ProHealth, WakeUp, Sixcampus, My people care, A_Outbarriers HackAcademy, HappyCities and RL-Education.

In this category, the winners have been:

  • “Cares”: First Prize, with a prize of 75,000 €
  •  “My people care”: Second Prize, with a prize of 40,000 €
  • “A_Outbarriers”: Third Prize, with a prize of 20,000 €
  • “Being in Touch”: Special Mention, most innovative application, with a   prize of 5,000 €
  • “Sixcampus”: Special Mention, young developer, with a prize of 5,000€

Smart Society Challenge

The prizes of the Excellence Challenge were given in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. This category focuses on services developed for the Internet of the future and dedicated to Smart Cities, Smart Industry and Smart Business. During the whole week, all participants have tested their prototypes and improved them together with FIWARE architects. Projects from different countries of the world reached this final. Among the candidates, we found FI-Guardian, Smart Box, Apparkart, FoodLoop, FoneSense, Wadjet, Interact, Spring, Small Signals. More information about them can be found at

In this category, the winners were:

  • “FI-Guardian” and “Fonesense”: First Prize, each with a prize of 25,000 €
  • “Small Signals” and “Wadjet”: Excellence in IoT, each with a prize of 10,000€
  • “Spring”: Excellence in User Interface, with a prize of 10,000 €

Excellence Challenge


Tech Camp & Startup Weekend FIWARE Special Edition: Berlin


Tickets for each event can be bought separately.

FIWARE Tech Camp

During an action-packed two-day programme, experts teach you to work with the groundbreaking open-source FIWARE technology for faster, cheaper, smarter app developments. You gain sought-after technical expertise to join the revolutionary European Future Internet Ecosystem!

FIWARE Startup Weekend: Smart Cities

Working in teams of entrepreneurs, designers and developers, you have one intense weekend to launch an innovative business idea that makes our cities smarter. Powered by the FIWARE technology for fast, simple and smart app developments, you join the European Future Internet revolution!

IMPACT Hackathon (23 September 2014)

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Oct 062014
IMPACT Hackathon

On the 23rd of September, 60 people gathered in Madrid for the first hackathon held by IMPACT, and dedicated to mobile apps using FIWARE technologies. It was a sold out event that aroused much interest among the Spanish tech community. After 5 hours of coding to win one of the three prizes (first: 2,500 €; second: 1,750 €; third: 750 €), the general atmosphere was still friendly and relaxed.

During the presentation of our FIWARE evangelist, Fermín Márquez, participants were very interested and active, and after receiving guidelines on what the expected result was, they grouped together in teams of two or three members, who covered all the skills required, from coding to design and business, and which later delivered a presentation and a functional prototype of their idea.

IMPACT Hackathon 2

Some of the key factors when assessing the idea were its technological architecture and FIWARE integration method, its usefulness, its business escalation, design, market opportunity and mobility aspects. During the coding time, developers counted on the coordination and supervision of the technical team of IMPACT and FIWARE.

Thirteen ideas were presented, with effective 2-minute pitches, and the jury casted real time votes.  The objective was creating the best MOBILE INTERNET IDEA for a mobile/web app (front/back) using:

The 3 best ideas that were awarded were:

  • SMART DIAPER: a tool to be positioned in the diaper that can monitor temperature and humidity of your baby.
  • TURF: with Turf, you can discover what’s happening around and join others to get group discounts and promotions in bars, restaurants and shows.
  • FIBASE: a platform to build a real time app store and seamlessly sync data.









Winners were symbolically awarded with a cheque and later relaxed while taking some drinks and listening to some good music! Participants tested FIWARE and found it really easy to use. The overall results of the day were very positive.

“I’m very surprised, FIWARE is funny and easy to use!” – Alex Dantart (coder)

“Happy to use the technology, surprised by the quality of the presentations and the event” – Miguel Monforte (coder)

“Great event and great format for a hackathon” – Bernardo Reynolds (coder)

IMPACT Hackathon

IMPACT created a buzz and good media repercussion about the initiative and FIWARE, generating over +200,000 impressions. With this first event, IMPACT contributed to increase in a 4 % the use of the FIWARE Cloud.

FIWARE Business & Tech Hackathon awards 5.000€ to mobile projects

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Sep 192014

Next Tuesday, September 23rd, the FIWARE Accelerator IMPACT is organizing a Business & Tech Hackathon focused on mobile projects developed with FIWARE. Applicants must develop a web or a native app in 5 hours! Participants will have five hours during which they can work alone, in pairs or in threes. Teams should combine both technological & entrepreneurial attributes. 

Registration is free and 5.000 euros in prizes will place special value to those achieving a functional prototype of the idea (design, code & business idea) during the session. 

The will take place in the CAD (Centro de Aceleración Digital – Digital Acceleration Center) installations in Madrid (calle Viriato, 20), starting 3:00 PM. After the presentations, the challenges to be met by the participating developers will be launched. Those who do not have a partner and wants to join a team will have a chance to meet up with his colleagues at 4:50 PM to be acquainted with them, during the Meet & Drink.

Find all the information for the Business & Tech Hackathon here

IMPACT hackathon


You only have few days left to register! Hurry up, register now

‘Anybody can have a Smart Home’ by Antonio Sánchez (Open Alerts)

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Feb 262014

Last October I was fortunate enough to attend the FI-WARE Smart City event held at the Palacio de la Magdalena in Santander. Companies, developers and Smart Cities enthusiasts came together to share their latest ideas and thoughts on Smart Cities. Our goal was to take part as developers in the Smart City Hackathon organized by FI-WARE.

We had three days to develop an internet application based on FI-WARE. My teammate Daniel López and I, Antonio Sanchez, decided to start from scratch by thinking about what people need and what we could offer. That's how we came up with Open Alerts.

Open Alerts is an application that allows anyone to automate their home in a simple and quick manner. Our aim was to focus on making it as easy as possible since we wanted people with limited technical skills to be able to adapt their home to their needs, offering them both security and comfort. That is why the whole system can be used from a smartphone, PC or Smart TV.

There are two very important aspects to understand how it works:

In this case, users can select what sort of event they would like to control or to establish as a trigger of another action.

In this second case, users decide what to do if the previous event occurs.

Open Alerts: How it works

There are many ways of automating all these actions and the only limit is one´s imagination. Consider the following examples:

If it starts to rain, the blinds close.
If there is a gas leak, send me an email and close the gas pipe. 

All this is possible if the necessary elements are available, that is to say, the sensors and the actuators that we want to configure. The advantage of our system is that once the elements have been installed any user with basic technical knowledge is able to easily automate their home. All the user needs to do is establish the new rules and to combine the sensors and the actuators they want.

In addition, Open Alerts can send free notifications to any mobile phone instantly, thus adding an extra layer of security to the user’s home.

And what have we used from FI-WARE?

The FI-WARE platform offers a large number of GEs that can be adapted to most IoT-based projects. We used some additional GEs, but these are the most important ones for Open Alerts operations:

  • Orion Context Broker: Based on a publication/subscription system through the NGSI9 and NGSI10 interfaces. With Orion, we can register our sensors, send notifications if changes occur and make enquiries through other sensors. 
  • Cosmos Big Data Analysis: This GE enables us to analyse large amounts of data. This is important for Open Alerts because it enables us to do the analysis required to reduce consumption in a home.
  • IDAS/DCA: This GE allows us to send the commands to our actuators in accordance with the parameters that we’ve established.

For additional information about the project, please contact us by email at: tsptoni [@]

The Hackathon code is hosted in:

Antonio Sánchez

Visit our HACKATHON ARCHIVES to read about more apps that were developed at hackathons organized at Campus Party Europe and Santander.