Success Story FIWARE Foundation e.V. and WOBCOM GmbH

Oct 25, 2019

Wolfsburg-based WOBCOM GmbH is a regional connectivity provider for the city and region of Wolfsburg. Together with its parent company, Stadtwerke Wolfsburg AG, it plays an important role within the #WolfsburgDigital initiative: the expansion and provision of a fiber optic network provides the basis for the digital infrastructure of the city of Wolfsburg.

Another special feature of WOBCOM is the location of the data center and the services that WOBCOM can offer from it. The “data heart” is located directly in the Wolfsburg Nordkopf Tower, in the heart of the city of Wolfsburg. From this central location, WOBCOM’s services are provided in every direction.

Joint Work by FIWARE Foundation e. V. and WOBCOM GmbH

The cooperation between FIWARE Foundation e.V. and WOBCOM started in early 2019 with the Open Digital Platform project – a subproject of the #WolfsburgDigital initiative. The Open Digital Platform is exclusively based on the FIWARE Context Broker and references the International Data Space (IDS) architecture model. The Context Broker is the core component of the FIWARE platform and helps to process context information on a large scale by implementing REST APIs. This functionality has also been added to the European Data Portal and its central service platform as a new feature. In August 2018, the CEF program successfully went live with the Context Broker Building Block. This allows the European Data Model and EU member states to collect, manage, use and share data.

Cloud Solutions from WOBCOM

WOBCOM can offer FIWARE Foundation e.V. optimal cloud solutions in its own data center in Wolfsburg (IaaS offer). FIWARE is thus able to provide software from the Wolfsburg data center worldwide. FIWARE Foundation e.V. has specifically selected WOBCOM for this provision in order to recognize its competencies and thus entrust WOBCOM with its own infrastructure and hosting. “We are pleased that FIWARE Foundation e.V. has recognized WOBCOM’s expertise in the field of cloud solutions and selected us as its provider. We are sure that over the years we will be able to expand to an even larger infrastructure for the FIWARE Foundation e.V. within our data center and thus strengthen our cooperation,” says Giovanni Coppa from WOBCOM GmbH. Ulrich Ahle, Managing Director of the FIWARE Foundation e. V., is also pleased about the cooperation: “WOBCOM as a provider fits very well into our strategy and we are happy to have found a partner in it that can support us globally.”

The software, which is managed within an Open Stack infrastructure, serves the administration of European or worldwide Open Source software. This software is developed and standardized within the framework of the CEF (Connecting Europe Facility).

The billion euro project of the European Union runs until 2020 and supports the development of highly modern, sustainable and efficient trans-European networks in various areas: Energy, transport and digital. The aim is to increase the interconnectedness of European countries.

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