FIWARE Challenges


What is your contribution to the future of the internet?

The internet is a magical place where just about everything is possible. What is your vision for the open internet? What is still missing in your online life, or in the fabric of the internet? What can you make possible tomorrow that cannot be done today? FIWARE is working on bringing together the ideas and the technology to power the next phase of the internet.
Over the next 12 months we will award with 870 K€ in prizes – more than 1.1 million dollars – to those individuals and teams across the world that make the most worthwhile contributions to that effort. We are looking for your promising, inspiring and brilliant ideas for a better internet for everyone. Together we can shape the future of the internet. Join us for the ride of your life!
This unique contest started in Campus Party Europe where FIWARE challenged Campuseros to build applications based on FIWARE Generic Enablers available on FIWARE Lab, a live instance of FIWARE available to developers for free experimentation with the technology.  20 K€ in prizes were given to applications developed while at the Campus Party and winners of this challenge received their prizes at the end of Campus Party Europe on September 6th.

Enter FIWARE Lab to start working on your first application and if you have any technical questions write us at