Call for Contributions

Be a part of the FIWARE Global Summit!
Be a part of the mid winter appointment for trendsetters,
decision-makers, and game-changers.

Are you a FIWARE user, FIWARE researcher, Open Source or domain expert, is your solution a Proof of Concept (PoC), or do you have a strong interest in using FIWARE in the near future?

Share your stories, insights, experiences, and vision with an innovation-hungry audience seeking to succeed in tomorrow’s digital economy.

Submit your contribution by March 31.

Contributions should cover one (or more) of the following:



Green, Blue and Circular Economy



Smart AgriFood

Smart Cities

Smart Energy

Smart Industry

Smart Islands

Smart Mobility

Smart Ports

Smart Territories

Smart Tourism & Smart Destinations

Smart Water

Cross Topics




Data Economy

Data Sovereignty

Data Spaces

Digital Twin

Distributed Ledger Technologies



Smart Data Models

System of Systems

Focus Areas

Use cases and experiences using FIWARE.

How trending technologies apply to the respective domain.s

Global Adoption / Cross – Country Adoption.

How FIWARE Innovation Hubs play a fundamental role in growing the global community of developers, companies, academia and cities adopting and contributing to FIWARE.

Startups, SMEs and Accelerators.

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FIWARE Global Summit – Call for Contributions

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