FRACTALS presents the FRACTALS Smart Urban Farming Challenge – a challenge for SMEs, web-entrepreneurs and startups willing to use FIWARE technologies in order to deliver innovative solutions addressing the challenges in urban farming.

In total 49,000 € will be awarded to the winning projects (both as travel reimbursement and money prize) in the scope of the ICT 2015 in Lisbon (20-22 October 2015), the largest ICT event organized by the European Commission.

The focus of this challenge lays on smart urban farming solutions in a wider dimension.

How to Apply and Prize Distribution

The process is divided into two stages. The first stage or call for ideas invites participants to submit innovative ideas for applications that can be developed using the FIWARE technology. Proposals (up to 2 pages long) shall be submitted to the FRACTALS accelerator until September 25th 2015, using the following email address: ( A template, further detailing the contents is available in this link.

10 proposals will be selected by the FRACTALS coordination team until October 5th 2015 and be invited to the event in Lisbon. To cover some part of the costs for traveling and accommodation each of the 10 selected proposals will get an initial prize of € 900 to cover part of expenses when attending the ICT 2015 event in Lisbon.

After finalizing the applications at the ICT 2015 and preparing a presentation, the invited teams shall present their running software applications to a jury. The best three proposals will win a prize that is awarded at the ICT 2015 plenary:

  • First place 20,000 €
  • Second place: 12,500 €
  • Third place: 7,500 €


Relevant Business Domains

The FRACTALS Smart Urban Farming Challenge is dedicated to the development of software applications that are addressing smart urban farming in a wider sense. Such application can be categorized as follows:

  1. Applications for enhancing productivity in urban farms (incorporating concepts such as IoT, optimization of inputs, task planning etc)
  2. Applications that provide urban farmers with access to markets (connecting urban farmers with customers nearby, promoting the environmental benefits of urban farming and social responsibility of consumers of urban farming products, promoting innovative business models associated with sharing economy etc)
  3. Applications that promote networking and training among urban farmers (connecting urban farmers with each other and allowing them to promote their products collectively and exchange knowledge and experiences, promoting barter economy networks related to urban farming products, e-learning apps for urban farming etc)

Prerequisite to join the Challenge

The Challenge addresses EU and associated countries based SMEs, web-entrepreneurs and startups to provide proposals for the development of applications in relation to smart urban farming in a wider context (see above).

SMEs and startups already selected and funded under the FIWARE accelerator programme and/or previously awarded by a FIWARE Challenge are NOT eligible to participate in this Challenge.

The development of those applications needs to experiment or make use of FIWARE technologies. Participants should integrate FIWARE Generic Enabler(s) into their application (see also: and

  • Data/Context Management.
  • Internet of Things Services Enablement.
  • Advanced Web-based User Interface
  • Advanced Middleware and interfaces to Network and Devices
  • Applications/Services Ecosystems and Delivery Framework
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Security

It is not mandatory to use all the FIWARE GEs  but the usage of as many GEs as possible in a coherent way will be judged positively and will increase your chances of winning, given that the aim of the challenge is to exploit as much as possible the FIWARE technology capabilities.

You may use the FIWARE Lab or your favorite virtualization environment. The usage of FIWARE Lab will be also a plus. See

Selection Criteria

The Challenge coordination team will assess the submitted proposals based on the following selection criteria. Criteria and thresholds apply to both first and second stage of the proposal

Selection Criteria Points Threshold
Feasibility of the concept 1- 5 4
Market Potential 1-5 4
FIWARE Usage 1-5 4
Total: max.15



A more detailed description of the selection criteria is presented bellow:

Feasibility of the concept: Is the concept is relevant to the Smart Urban Farming Challenge?; Are objectives well described (clear, coherent with concept, measurable, ambitious and realistic)?; Is the  proposed technical approach sound and appropriate for the scope of the proposal?;

Market Potential: Have you clearly identified the target market (size, segments, etc.)?;Do you clearly describe positioning and unique selling points?; Do you have a sound market penetration strategy?; Do you have an appropriate business and growth model in place?;

FIWARE Usage:  Are you using an adequate number of GEs (preferably more than one) for the purpose of your proposal? Are you making the best possible use of GEs?; Are you integrating GEs at a satisfactory level?;

For each criterion a maximum of 5 points can be given. Half point scoring (eg. 4.5) is also foreseen.

1 = poor, 2 = insufficient, 3 = sufficient, 4 = good, 5 = excellent

Important Dates:

  • Submission of your idea until: September, 25th 2015, 17:00 CET
  • Invitation of selected ideas until: October,5th 2015
  • Challenge in Lisbon: October, 20th  09:00 until 21th 14:00
  • Award ceremony in Lisbon: October 22nd  16:00-17:00



The challenge is organised by the FRACTALS Accelerator ( that is part of FIWARE.

The coordination team can be contacted via:


FRACTALS Project is one of the 16 accelerators within FIWARE ( community across Europe supporting FIWARE based applications for the Agricultural Sector. With a total grant support budget of 5.52m €, FRACTALS has awarded 43 European IT SMEs and Web Entrepreneurs (including 7 start-ups) from 12 European countries in its Open Call that lasted from November 30th 2014 until February 28th 2015. The sub-projects of FRACTALS start from June 2015 on and in the upcoming nine months European IT SMEs and Web Entrepreneurs will be developing innovative FIWARE based applications for the Agricultural Sector, in the areas such farm management, livestock and crops optimization, business relationships creation, beekeeping, fruits and vegetables and optimization of fertilizers and water usage in agriculture.


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