FIWARE is ready to work in industrial environments. A continuous quality assurance process is running to warranty the level of reliability in FIWARE Generic Enablers. Following the energy labelling system applied by European Union for devices, each GE is assigned with an overall label in the Catalogue (A+++, A++, A+, A, B, C) according to the obtained results in testing different aspects.

A testing method has been defined to conduct documentation verification, functional tests (verification of GEs specifications and APIs testing) and non-functional tests such as performance, stability and scalability. The tests are executed for every new version of the GEs, providing valuable insights to the GE owners for improving the next GE release.

All the tests can be conducted by anyone since the files for defining and running the tests have been published in an open source repository.

You can find more about the quality process and results here.

You can find the current assigned labels here.