FIWARE-Ready: Green Globe SyPA - Night Eye Sky Sensor (Internet of Things,Modelling,Open Data,Photonics and Imaging,Sensory Systems)

Night Eye is the ultimate solution for night sky background brightness measurement and light pollution assessment. Thanks to the Night Eye device, real-time data, and sky quality logging data can be obtained wherever Night Eye sensors are installed.

Night Eye is the final solution for measuring the background of night sky brightness and evaluating light pollution. Through our device, you can obtain real-time data and sky quality record data wherever our Night Eye devices are installed.

The device is able to measure the brightness background of the sky in different spectral bands of the Johnson photometric system: filters B, V, R, and I.

Night Eye allows the detection of clouds so that the measurements can be validated. Through its interconnectivity you can consult the data in real-time which allows the download and visualization of data in the cloud.

It is a cheap solution that provides scientific and technical data. In short, Night Eye allows you to distribute a network of measurements where you want to control the light pollution.

Light pollution in cities is a global problem that has not been solved. Public lighting systems are not designed on the basis of light pollution data. Much work has been done on the efficiency of outdoor lighting but very little on how these systems affect light pollution. The Night Eye makes it easy to establish a network for measuring light pollution in cities in order to design more sustainable, efficient and environmentally friendly lighting systems.

In addition, in territories with high sky quality, it allows them to boost their economy through the enhancement of their sky quality with real-time measurements of the brightness of the night sky.

Green Globe SyPA Night Eye Sky Sensor