“Fighting Climate Change with FIWARE” – Edition 5.0 is Live!

Jun 8, 2021Ecosystem

Climate change is, without a doubt, the crisis of our time. The FIWARE Community recognizes the negative impact that climate change has on societies, economies, and the world as a whole, and is keen to be a part of the solution.

In the battle for a more sustainable and greener planet, open source technology demonstrates a strong commitment to sharing knowledge and data freely, setting common standards, and fostering innovation and sustainable economic growth. Our innovative community fully endorses the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and is observing a growing number of projects that combine open source design with sustainability, creating game-changing solutions to combat climate change.

Edition 5.0 of the “Fighting Climate Change with FIWARE” booklet presents what the FIWARE Community is doing to tackle or minimize the effects of climate change by showcasing 35+ fantastic solutions and initiatives. This updated version of the booklet features two additional FIWARE-powered solutions, Connected Canteens, and FIWOO, three additional climate change initiatives with FIWARE: CO2 Marketplace, FISMEP, and Smart MaaS, as well as updated content for some of the already featured contributions.

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