FIWARE Steps Further Into the Digital Scene During the COVID-19 Crisis

Mar 27, 2020Ecosystem

As the COVID-19 virus worryingly spreads further across the world, bringing much of life to a standstill, digital pioneers such as FIWARE further tap into the digital scene as they adjust to what might as well be a new normal for the time being. For many organizations used to organizing and attending events worldwide, the impact has been acute: such activities have been moved to digital events, conferences and meetups are being canceled left and right (Hannover Messe is the latest example), others postponed until the autumn or even moved into 2021.

The moment is unarguably delicate, we need to protect ourselves and take care of everyone around us. Right now, FIWARE is working around the clock to ensure the safety of its team by following all the recommended health and travel recommendations to avoid the spread of COVID-19. The team has 100% joined the home office concept. Whilst this may pose some challenges, FIWARE has already been moving towards a more distributed workforce that’s increasingly remote. As a global organization, FIWARE has always been committed to offering anyone, based anywhere in the world, the opportunity to join the organization. That being said, the company has further strengthened the use of tools that facilitate the management and day-to-day life of its remote teams.

The wheel does not stop and neither does FIWARE. That’s why the FIWARE team did not think twice and has been working hard to create a fully new offer and appealing approach to a next-generation of virtual conferences – teaming up with members, partners, customers, media & press. The opportunity to further explore the digital scene by exchanging ideas and network virtually has never been more promising. FIWARE is online, and not just through the home office: Currently, 100% of FIWARE’s webinars and training sessions have already been adapted and moved to the digital sphere. FIWARE is striving to guarantee the same awesome experience one may have had when attending its physical events. Of course, f2f meetings, training and education with FIWARE will soon pick up again as well.


FIWARE Global Summit – New DatesThe 8th FIWARE Global Summit

FIWARE truly understands that, for its growing and active Community, attending some events and conferences in person is crucial to creating, building, and nurturing meaningful relationships and knowledge sharing. Hence, to ensure the health and safety of all participants and parties involved, the organization has moved the event to a new date: It will now happen in Málaga on 28-29 Sept, 2020 (core dates) with Sept 30 being an additional day (it keeps getting better, does it not?), when FIWARE Summit’s attendees will have the opportunity to network and discuss urban intelligence and sustainability at GreenCities (Sept 30 – Oct 1, 2020), an event taking place at the same venue as the Summit, and addressing the main issues of the Smart Cities and sustainability sector. What is it that inspires you? Join us and let’s make the most of these 2 outstanding events. Also, FIWARE has partnered up with Málaga’s Convention Bureau to allow attendees to experience (on 27 September), on a practical level, what successful digitalisation in tourism really means while showing Summit’s attendees some of Málaga’s famous landmarks. Join this unique FIWARE-digital visiting programme that will kick start the Summit in style. Finally, be aware that the deadline for the Summit Call for Contributions has been extended to 16 May, giving you plenty of time to take part!

The FIWARE team is doing its utmost to make sure that the Summit’s remarkable concept remains the same. Simply put, it will be the biggest and boldest Summit ever! Curious to hear more? Be sure to check out the Event Brochure and for daily updates, visit


A Sense of Belonging

In such difficult times, communities (here at FIWARE we hold on tight to the spirit of together we thrive, no matter what) must stick together, support one another. It ain’t easy, but the FIWARE team is confident that these extraordinary circumstances will pass and the world will, soon enough, return to a phase of even stronger joint engagement, innovative ideas, significant and faster technology adoptions as they are now required more than ever.

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