Designing the Context Broker’s Data Visualisation Dashboard

Feb 20, 2020Opportunities, Smart Cities

The next online Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) workshop is around the corner (3 March 2020, 1PM-3PM CET). Take part and help the CEF Context Broker team to design the Context Broker’s data visualisation dashboard.

​The CEF Context Broker allows users to make data-driven decisions by providing context data in real time. With it, you can assemble and manage contextualised data from different systems. To enable you to visualise the data better, they are building a dashboard, tailored to users’ needs. For this reason, the team is holding an online workshop to get a better sense of how you might use the dashboard.

If you are working in data-driven decision making, policy, or are implementing data-driven solutions on the IT side, then they want to hear from you! This CEF workshop was designed with policy officers and technical experts in mind. The Context Broker has been used to implement Smart Agriculture, Waste Management, Smart Cities and utilities and other sectors.

As a Building Block, the CEF Context Broker enables organisations (including public administrations) to share data in real time at the right time. You do not need to be a user of the Context Broker to take part in the online workshop. Both users and non-users are more than welcome to join. Register here to take part on 3 March 2020, 1PM-3PM CET and to help shape the future dashboard.

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