FIWARE Tutorials Listed in Postman’s API Network

Jan 3, 2020Tech



In amongst our Christmas cards, we received a nice little message from the folks at Postman, complementing us on the quality of our developer documentation.

Postman is a common framework for testing REST APIs, and is a natural fit for the FIWARE Ecosystem since all of the Generic Enablers are web based microservices communicating using NGSI and other open web standards. The API client allows users to create complex API requests, view responses and generate code snippets in a variety of programming languages for use in other components.

The guys at Postman were impressed at the quality of our published step-by-step tutorial collections and requested that FIWARE added our collections to the public Postman API network which we have gladly done so.

The current set of FIWARE Postman collections cover the operations of all the Core Generic Enablers, IoT Agents, Security and Linked Data concepts. The Postman collections are constantly being expanded and new collections are being added as more tutorials become available.

The current set of collections can be found here – as a late Christmas gift you can explore the set and download and use them to help accelerate the development of your own Smart Solutions in 2020.

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