Introducing our Brand New Community Partner: Mindspace

Sep 9, 2019Opportunities


The FIWARE Foundation is excited to welcome Mindspace as a Community Partner. With 28 locations in 13 bustling cities around the globe, from Amsterdam to Bucharest, and from Berlin to Tel Aviv, Mindspace has emerged as a household name when it comes to coworking.

Providing the perfect mix of open and private work spaces, Mindspace provides small and large companies, startups, and freelancers, with an environment that caters to their individual needs and will help their business thrive. Memberships are flexible, and amenities in abundance. 24 hour access, all week round, as well as meeting rooms and event spaces, cozy lounges, private phone booths, and kitchens with free coffee, tea and water, are just some of the benefits that members can indulge in. It should therefore come as no surprise that over the past year many growing companies and individuals have decided to make Mindspace their second home.

But Mindspace is so much more than that. Just as FIWARE is revolutionising the world of open source, Mindspace is re-shaping the way, and most importantly, the environment in which we work. Their vibrant work spaces encourage interaction and collaboration, hereby promoting creativity and allowing teams to work the way that is best for them.

Mindspace was built on the pillars of collaborative working, but also sharing, and sharing they do. Through exciting, relevant events and partnerships, members are able to benefit from perks and discounts that they would otherwise not gain access to. The overall goal? To help their members take their businesses and individual goals to the next level.

In line with their culture of sharing, we are thrilled to share that Mindspace is offering the FIWARE Community an exclusive 10% off the first six months for office space or desk bookings, OR 20% off the first meeting room or event space booking at any of the Mindspace offices in Germany. Want to take advantage of this fantastic offer? Click here.


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