Cultivate and Leverage the Context Broker Connecting Europe Facility Building Block

Apr 15, 2019Opportunities

Developing a good smart application often depends on one’s knowledge of the technology at hand. In addition, to some extent, every smart application relies on suppliers, as well as business connections.

Most emerging applications suffer from a number of ecosystem challenges. These can include fragmented information, the scarce presence of a standard, the lack of a clear understanding of the benefits of technologies, as well as insufficient support services.

The Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Building Blocks are available to help anyone who wants to build great European digital services for the public good. They offer basic capabilities that can be reused in any project to facilitate the delivery of digital public services across borders and sectors.

After the success of the first Smart Cities Webinar Session in February 2019, we will be back with a new monthly webinar. From 2nd May 2019 onwards, each month at 15:00 PM (CET), a new set of training pills, useful tips, and practical and technical contents with a focus on the Context Broker will be made available. The Context Broker implements the open standard to manage context information, thereby fulfilling the needs of public administrations and private companies.

In collaboration with CEF, we are launching ten professional online courses for ICT operators, as well as aspiring ones, to improve their technical skills and knowledge of the Context Broker.

Click here to register for these unmissable online training sessions. 

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