Fueloyal – Custom Connected Vehicle Platform

Apr 3, 2019Ecosystem

Currently joining us at the FIWARE booth at Hannover Messe 2019 is American-based Fueloyal. It was one of the 14 top startups from among 2,000 applicants to be selected by IMPACT Accelerator to join the IMPACT Growth Program in 2018 and has since its completion continued to soar. 

Fueloyal is a Custom IoT Telematics solution provider that uses self-developed and patented IoT vehicle sensors integrated with a proprietary software analytics platform to collect, mine and transform data for the purpose of building a unique and secret competitive advantage. In doing so, the FIWARE-powered solution has not only succeeded in making vehicles smarter but has also taught them to talk.

The team at Fueloyal believe that the lack of data around vehicles and proper tools to analyze data has resulted in managers making poor business decisions. “OEM’s are losing customers because they are not [able] to provide an outstanding user experience”, says George Magoci, CEO and Co-Founder. Enter: Fueloyal. They teach vehicles how to talk by installing unique hardware system to collect 1000 data points per vehicle, per day.

Once they have them talking, Fueloyal launches your custom connected vehicle platform. Customers receive their custom branded platform with 100% custom and proprietary software deployed. Instead of spending millions and building in-house dedicated teams Fueloyal delivers a 100% custom platform tailored to your needs in just under 30 days. To them, each large fleet and OEM is unique and therefore deserves a unique platform. 

“In 2019 we ask: What are you doing with data?”

Fueloyal is of the opinion that what you do with data is far more important than collecting data. Why build a platform to collect data when you can jump immediately to execution phase with them? The company uses data in several ways:

  • to automate procedures;
  • to track, monitor and analyze vehicle location and maintenance;
  • to analyze driving behavior and proactively prevent accidents;
  • to make better business decisions by collecting data from your products




“The FIWARE technology is the best fit for Fueloyal, simply because it allows for faster development and deployment time, due to its “plug and play” components, allowing developers to focus on customizing specific features instead of building the system from the ground up.


The implementation of Orion Context Broker in and of itself is a great step forward because the database issue, a focal point in development of every solution, is solved and the company only needs to make the connection between the system and Orion in order to start saving objects inside of it. Of course, since our company is heavily related to devices for measurement (Smart Fuel Caps), using IDAS for backend device management was a very easy decision for us, since [its] usage and connection with the previously mentioned Orion Context Broker allowed for an easy publish and consume data environment, which was one of our goals.


With all this said, the decision of implementing and integrating FIWARE in our system was an easy one, and we quickly started to see the benefits from this collaboration. Another thing that made the difference was that we envisaged that it allowed for a scalable distribution of data, which is another important point for us. Also, the fact that it is free and open source, along with a plethora of information on the web page and a fast growing developer community was influential in the opinion of the developers that this, in their opinion, is relatively easy to implement.”

Discover more about Fueloyal in the FIWARE Marketplace.

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