FIWARE 7.6 Has Been Released

Mar 15, 2019Tech

The FIWARE Catalogue is a curated framework of open source platform components (Generic Enablers) which can be assembled together to accelerate the development of Smart Solutions.

The FIWARE Foundation regularly releases updates of the components found within the catalogue, with the guarantee that all the generic enablers labeled in a release are designed to play nicely with one another and the Orion Context Broker.

In an ongoing commitment to quality, the FIWARE Foundation requires that the teams behind the generic enablers strive to improve the quality of their product, documentation, and testing – the popular FogFlow edge computing framework has now fulfilled the strict requirements to become the latest full member of the Generic Enabler club as part of the current release.

The recent 7.6 release also includes several new products within the catalogue. The IoT Agent for Sigfox introduces FIWARE Ready support to an additional class of low-cost devices used in a low power wide area network. Using the IoT Agent means that such devices are now plug-and-play to communicate with the context broker, with only a minimal configuration involved. Within the area of robotics, the new Micro XRCE-DDS incubated enabler brings an additional publish-subscribe messaging architecture, once again designed for low resource clients and provides an alternative to MQTT or CoAP communications.

Full details of the release can be found in the FIWARE_7.6 release note.

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