Open Call: Projects of Common Interest Under CEF in the Field of Trans-european Telecommunication Networks

Sep 21, 2018Opportunities

Call For Proposals Concerning Projects Of Common Interest Under The Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) In The Field Of Trans-European Telecommunication Networks

The general purpose of this open call is to support the generation, aggregation and cross-border/cross domain re-use of open datasets. Further main objectives of this interesting call include to increase the HPC (High Performance Computing) and data capacities of the European Data Infrastructure, and to promote the use of HPC and data across borders in the public interest.

Objective One: Support for the re-use of information made discoverable/available through the European Data Portal

The call has three objectives, with one of them being dedicated to open platforms, such as FIWARE. This is exactly what makes this call so interesting to the FIWARE Community, those with Powered-by-FIWARE solutions, and those interested in using FIWARE technologies.

Proposed actions should support the re-use of information made discoverable/available through the European Data Portal. The deployment of new services by innovation ecosystems supported by open platforms (such as FIWARE) in domains reaching significant critical mass is encouraged. Where appropriate, this re-use should occur in combination with other sources of information, through solutions focused on the end-user (mobile device applications, websites, web services). Moreover, proposals should improve the usability of Open Data across borders, addressing both technical and legal issues.

The amount to be allocated on the basis of this open call to projects of common interest in the field of trans-European telecommunications for Public Open Data generic services is 18.5 million. The budget allocated to Objective One is 2 million.

There are two further proposals that can be addressed by applicants. However, each proposal must address only one of the Objectives and applicants should clearly specify which Objective is being addressed.

The deadline for this open call is 15 November 2018 , 17:00 PM CEST.

For more information about the call, its 3 objectives, budget and timetable, eligibility criteria and more, please click here.

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