How Can We Design, Govern and Regulate the Smart City?

Aug 30, 2018Smart Cities

On September 19th the FIWARE iHub Future City Foundation will organize the Dutch Future City Conference, the conference that brings municipalities and tech companies together. More than 250 planning professionals, tech and data experts are expected to meet, discuss and network during the event.

The aim of the conference is to find meaningful solutions for new challenges that arise in the smart city. How can we design, govern and regulate the smart city?

Inspirational Keynotes

There will be inspirational keynotes from architect Ren Yee (Head of Innovation UNStudio), who will emphasize the importance of smart technology in planning and architecture, Pim van den Berg (Provincial Executive Utrecht), who will elaborate on the opportunities of digitalisation for Utrecht and the region, and Willemien Vreugdenhil (Alderman municipality of Ede) will speak about safeguarding democracy in the smart city.


The goal of this conference is to bring municipalities and tech companies together. Companies and municipalities can therefore pitch their smart city challenge or solution, after which they can meet & greet each other. This is how we realize the smart city together. More information on the pitches you can find here.


To deepen your knowledge on specific issues, it is possible to attend multiple workshops on:

  • Inclusive smart cities (Mascha van der Voort, Professor Human Centred Design University of Twente)
  • Data-driven city governance (Arjen Hof, CEO Civity)
  • Designing digital infrastructure (Henk Kreft, Advisor Stichting Digitale Bereikbaarheid)
  • Co-creation session for tech-companies: working together with local governments (Rik van Berkel, Manager FME)
  • Tendering smart city projects (Gaston Crolla, Advisor Municipality of Hilversum)
  • Regulatory framework for the smart city (Anita Nijboer, Lawyer at Ekelmans & Meijer and Heerd Jan Hoogeveen, Program Manager Economic Board Utrecht)
  • Using technology in residential care facilities (Dorinda Kruijf, Project Manager Amerpoort)

When, What, How

Location: Jaarbeurs Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Costs: €475,- (excluding VAT) (Future City and FME relations get a discount of €75,- and pay €400,-)
Time: 10:00hrs-17:00hrs
Language: Dutch is the main language. The keynote of Ren Yee and some pitches will be in English.

More for information visit the Future City website.

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