FIWARE Context Broker Launches as a CEF Building Block

Aug 8, 2018Tech

Last week, the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Programme successfully went live with the first release of the Context Broker Building Block. The building block enables organizations (including public administrations) to share data in real time at the right time.

Back at the start of 2018, the CEF Work Programme 2018 announced its recognition of the FIWARE Context Broker, a core component of the FIWARE Platform, as a CEF Building Block. The Work Programme 2018 aims to contribute to the development of economic growth and the Digital Single Market in Europe.

The FIWARE Context Broker, which is able to handle context information on a large scale by implementing standard REST APIs, has been added to the European Data Portal and its core service platform as a new functionality, allowing the European Data Model and EU Member States to collect, manage, use, and share real-time data. In addition, the platform will provide governments with a sandbox environment, allowing them to test the use of real-time data.

Selected Building Blocks have proven their maturity and commitment to be reused across domains, following a series of principles. These include easing the cross-border use to presenting plans on their long term sustainability. In addition, they must be based on market-driven open standards and deliver services by digital means.

By being part of the CEF Work Programme 2018, the FIWARE Context Broker achieves a new milestone within its path towards becoming a global standard for large scale contextual information management.

Click here to learn more about the Context Broker Building Block and all CEF Context Broker services.

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