FrontierCities2 MAG2: New Grantees Tell Their Own Story

Jul 18, 2018Ecosystem

Since May 2018 four brilliant new applications for Smart Cities have joined the frontierCities2 accelerator programme. These startups are already well-versed in the FIWARE Community and they all have a long and engaging story to tell.

Financed in 2015 within the FI-PPP programme, they have developed and deployed smart digital solutions in the FIWARE environment and these companies have matured within the framework of the FIWARE accelerator ecosystem, where coaching services have supported and pushed SMEs and startups to the very limits of their imagination and beyond.

The MAG2 grantees are now firmly part of the European FIWARE Community and all have the same goal – to improve the lives of citizens by facilitating new and exciting Smart City mobility choices. Now, as grantees in the frontierCities2 MAG2 acceleration programme, they are poised to burst into the market and significantly enhance their visibility in the European smart city mobility landscape. Here is what they had to say out their solutions and their use of FIWARE.

Meet the New MAG2 Grantees

1. Amigo / Ida strives to mitigate the negative effects of climate change. Marcello Petitta stated that the company “provides information, for example, to insurances or to farmers, to understand how the climate change can impact their job”. When asked about the role of FIWARE, Marcello said, “All that you can find in the FIWARE platform is really well designed to be used in different fields, and also climate change can profit from this. […] We decided to go for FIWARE exactly for the idea of open innovation and how it could be openly used by other users.”

2. KissMyBike is an anti-theft system for bikes that utilizes GPS, GPRS, and Bluetooth localization techniques. Speaking about their solution, Nadya Bobova described it as an “electronic device that is connected to the Cloud and to the application. So while it is installed inside the bicycle and when the bicycle is moved [the owner] is notified and [he or she] can track [it] whenever it is stolen and retrieve it”. When asked about their use of FIWARE, Nadya stated: “Because of using FIWARE we [got] the first results, we built our product and we started market exploring”.

3. MUV is a smart mobility management system, focused in Mobility as a Service for Cities and Public Administrations. “What we give […] is a solution that helps to support and deliver effective policies in terms of sustainability and user engagement”, said Filippo Severi of MUV. With regards to FIWARE he continued, “Using an open solution […] is a facilitating item to arrive to public administrations that usually don’t want a private solution. They want their own solution or maybe one that is shared between other cities or public organisations”. FIWARE can help to facilitate that.

4. ROSY is a solution that makes sure your journey from A to B is as relaxed and as fast as possible. “[It] is a data platform for traffic data reaching over cities, regions and, in the future, hopefully countries to combine the existing traffic sensors, traffic data sources […] to create a complete picture of the behaviour of street traffic”, said Matthias Brunner. He continued by saying, “Sharing data is not enough. You have to make the data understandable, harmonise it and put it all on the same map, all in the same format”. The solution relies on the Orion Context Broker and Cygnus as its data handling point.

Please visit the Thinking Cities website for the full-length interviews with the MAG2 grantees. For more information about the frontierCities2 acceleration programme, please visit the frontierCities2 website.

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