Become A Smart City Faster With The StarterK!t

May 23, 2018Smart Cities

Now available for all cities to use for free, is the Smart City StarterK!t from Eindhoven. It contains non-technological policy documents, developed by the Municipality of Eindhoven to cope with Smart City Challenges: How to deal with open data? How can we stimulate hardware suppliers to collaborate on a smarter infrastructure? It also gives access to a FIWARE based platform created in the Living Lab for Safety & Security in the largest clubbing area in Eindhoven, called Stratumseind.

At all documents can be downloaded. That website also links to Atos, who contributed strategically to this project and who can also help in deploying the StarterK!t technologically.

“The European Union has put in place the GDPR, introducing new rules to privacy. We are also seeing that cities are increasingly open to share progress with each other, so that innovation for Smart Cities can speed up. We are glad that the Dutch Institute for Technology Safety and Security (DITSS) and its partners, including the municipality of Eindhoven and ourselves, have taken the strategic step to introduce this FIWARE-based StarterK!t to speed up the open source movement towards Smart Cities!”, says Albert Seubers (Atos).

Leon Verver (DITSS): “The Dutch Institute for Technology Safety & Security (DITSS) was founded to stimulate cooperation in order to provide new security challenges with innovative and technological solutions. We believe that by sharing the progress we realized within the Netherlands, cities elsewhere can benefit. We hope that they, in turn, share their progress. So that we can jointly ensure that the Smart Cities we are creating are becoming safer faster.”

Guest Post by CeesJan Mol, Chief Innovation Officer at Venturespring

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