Find Out How Data is Driving Industrie 4.0 at the Global Summit in Porto

Apr 23, 2018Ecosystem, Industry

Let’s talk all things Smart Industry at the FIWARE Global Summit in Porto on May 8th and 9th. FIWARE, the open source software of choice for building smart solutions, is working on reference architectures and information models to help manufacturing companies in their digital transformation.

FIWARE is focussed on breaking the information silos and unleashing the potential of context data from IoT and different systems, which can be exploited together using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence services on the Cloud to achieve higher degrees of efficiency and automation. It hereby follows a data-driven approach through the decoupling of industrial processes while warranting sovereignty on a strategic asset: data.

Check out some of the highlight from the Smart Industry Track at the upcoming FIWARE Global Summit:

  • Data is driving Industry 4.0. The Smart Industry Track will cover a range of topics such as Data Sovereignty, the 4th Industrial Revolution and Smart and Agile Manufacturing.
  • Discover why open source standards, and notably the FIWARE technologies, are cementing their role as a common ground to architect an International Data Space for industrial applications.
  • Learn about the FIWARE Platform and how it is providing a reference architecture for the connected industry. Understand the role of Context Information Management in Industry 4.0 scenarios.
  • Get familiar with OPC Foundation standards, the Reference Architectural Model Industrie 4.0 (RAMI 4.0) and Industrial Internet Reference Architecture (IIRA) layered databuses, and discover how open connectivity could benefit your smart manufacturing or industrial company applications.
  • Make contact with other industry initiatives and learn about FIWARE-related success stories. Find the right opportunity for you and discover the path to get mentoring, funding and visibility for your Smart Industry project.
  • Participate in our panels, listen to the experts’ perspective on the future of FIWARE for Industry and share your vision about new technology trends and the challenges ahead.

And that is just a part of it! Don’t forget to check out the Summit Agenda for more details on the individual Tracks and Sessions.

The track, which is spread over the two Summit days, will give various top speakers in the field the chance to share their knowledge and experiences with attendees. Thought leaders, such as Jorge Rodriguez Edroso, Head of Manufacturing and Retail Sector at Atos R&I, Oscar Lazaro, Managing Director of Innovalia, Sergio Gusmeroli, Research Coordinator at Engineering, and Bin Cheng, Senior Researcher at NEC Labs Europe.

Join us in Porto to find out how FIWARE is paving the path for a data-driven industrial digitalisation. Save the date and to secure YOUR seat as soon as possible!

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