Building a Smart Future Together at the FIWARE Global Summit

Apr 11, 2018Ecosystem

Join us on May 8th and 9th in Porto for the FIWARE Global Summit, the meeting place for international IoT and Open Data decision makers, thought leaders, developers, entrepreneurs, cities and innovators. With only one month to go, we have got a fantastic event lined up for you!

FIWARE represents a collective effort towards the definition of an open source platform, hereby boosting the development of the next generation of Smart Solutions and Services. We deliver the open standards. For free. Forever. Unleashing the full potential of context information generated by IoT devices and other sources is our vision, thus bringing support to the Data Economy, removing complexity and barriers regarding the management and exchange of context data and making them easily accessible.

What awaits you at the FIWARE Global Summit? The event is a place where Tech meets Smart Cities, Smart Industry and Smart Agrifood, allowing you to:

  • Get in touch with high-level decision makers on municipal, state and EU-level.
  • Get up-to-date insights about the upcoming global Open Data Standard and its relevance in terms of increasing the quality of urban life and public well-being.
  • Get access to international investors in the field of IoT, Smart Cities, Industry, Agriculture.
  • Share best-case-practices with fellow attendees.
  • Get in touch with the most innovative cities worldwide.
  • Get up-to-date insights about the adoption of the Open Data Standard for business benefits.

And that isn’t all, there’s plenty more to discover! Secure YOUR seat at the FIWARE Global Summit to help pave the path for new innovative business models and the materialisation of a Data Economy. Preserving Data Sovereignty, always.

To stay up-to-date with the latest news and developments regarding the Summit, visit the Global Summit website or follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin.

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