Mobilepedia Becomes the First Non-European Gold Member of the FIWARE Foundation

Feb 27, 2018Ecosystem

Earlier this month, we announced that the FIWARE Foundation proudly welcomed 3 new Gold Members (Future Internet Consulting and Development Solutions (Ficodes), Mobilepedia Innovations Pvt Ltd, and Prodevelop, S.L.​), 1 Gold Strategic End Users Member (Ayuntamiento de Santander), and 1 new Associated Member (Universidad de la Iglesia de Deusto​), but what we did not mention was that Mobilepedia is, in fact, the first non-European Gold Member to join the FIWARE Foundation, and of course, the first one from India!

Mobilepedia Innovations Pvt Ltd (Mobilepedia) is one of the fastest growing startups based in India, providing solutions, digital platforms and services, in the domain of mobile governance applications to governments and multilateral agencies in India, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Bangladesh. In addition, Mobilepedia specializes in smart city solutions, monitoring and evaluation solutions, mobile health (IOT based) solutions and citizen engagement solutions.

Mukul Mahajan, Founder of Mobilepedia, shared that it has already implemented a knowledge portal for Indian smart cities under contract with the World Bank. The portal connects Indian smart city practitioners with their peers in multiple cities within India and globally in addition to providing knowledge services. The portal already has more than 150 smart city case studies and a roaster of 100 experts from various domain Mobilepedia solutions are developed on the principles of OSPA (Open Solutions for Public Administration), referring to solutions that use open source, follow open standards and provide open content to the extent possible.

Mr. Mahajan went on to state that “as cities in India under government of India’s 100 Smart Cities Mission start implementing their plans, FIWARE (which is also developed along the philosophy of OSPA) has the potential of becoming the de-facto standard for Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC), which each of the 100 selected Smart Cities in India is planning to build on priority basis. This is one of the key reasons for Mobilepedia to join FIWARE Foundation as a Gold Member. We are sure that many of the solutions that are readily available globally through the FIWARE ecosystem can be easily replicated for Indian smart cities, and with minimal customization, provided we are able to nurture a vibrant innovations relay ecosystem among solution providers, the members of FIWARE Community.”


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