Outbarriers: keep success on track, powered by FIWARE

Jun 23, 2017Smart Cities

Outbarriers is matching accessibility and commercial opportunities, easing the path for blind people to hundreds of businesses in Spain.

Now, you can be part of their equity crowdfunding, enriching the city with FIWARE and a network of iBeacon technology, making each spot more visible to everyone!

We have been presenting their outcomes since the beginning of the project. An early success story, Outbarriers was the third-place winner of the FIWARE Smart City Challenge in October 2014 and then it was selected to participate in the FI-C3 FIWARE Accelerator Programme, in September 2015.

After showcasing their solutions at the FIWARE stand, in big events like the Smart City Expo World Congress or 4 Years From Now, now is time to look to their most recent achievements. As they are principally stablishing partnerships with Spanish local governments –having started as a Granada-based company, they are now reaching other municipalities and businesses across the country– the information is mostly in Spanish. It is worth reading and watching it.

The video encourages joining the equity crowfunding campaign launched by Outbarriers early this month. It has already went beyond 66K, aiming to reach total funding between 185.000 and 235.000 euros. If you want to participate and profit from this social entrepreneurship initiative, check out the campaign site.

Another great new for Outbarriers was their success at the recent Seedrocket Entrepreneur Day, at the Google Campus in Madrid. Also, they received a prize at the Madrid Appetece contest, given by the City Government and the local Company Forum. This outcome has started a collaboration framework within the municipality.

Best luck to the team and let’s follow Outbarriers on their way to scale-up, while they continue succeeding!

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