Powered by FIWARE Smart Solutions at the 2nd FIWARE Summit (part 1)

May 25, 2017Ecosystem

15 Smart Solutions based on FIWARE technology will be showcased at the Demo Area of the FIWARE Summit in Utrecht, demonstrating how our open source software components have been used by more than a thousand startups to develop their products and services, reaching their first customers, getting to the market and starting to scale-up. Those open standards are now being adopted by new projects and bigger companies globally, across different business sectors and verticals.

Agricolus embodies TeamDev’s vision on how to make precision farming easy, enabling farmers to increase productivity and save time, limiting environmental degradation. Agricolus organises and stores data collected from different sources (sensors, drones, satellites, mobile devices). It uses the geodatabase to feed the decision support system, and applications dedicated to alert from diseases or to the farm management. TeamDev supports standardization and the adoption of common interfaces for the IoT and Big Data analytics.

Atos presents a Smart System, dedicated to ensuring safety and mobility in European Cities, connecting them through FIWARE. Under the motto “trusted partner for your Digital Journey”, Atos is focused on business technology that helps to create their firm of the future, offering vertical solutions based on FIWARE for different domains. For the Smart City, Atos is integrating FIWARE with existing systems, sensors and specific city services, creating an ICT cloud-based platform and mobility service: available, universal and safe for all users.

Babbler is a next-generation tamper evident seal. Simple to use and smart, IoT-enabled seal is an innovative solution for supply chain monitoring. Already in use –and loved–  by customs organisations. Babbler allows importers and exporters to discover and remedy incidents earlier; to reduce liability by knowing when a shipment was messed with; to dramatically reduce call-center and paperwork by sharing an online dashboard; and to become a well-trusted customs party and have fewer customs delays.

“Do you know how much powerful the data in your city are? Open a window over them!” That’s how CEDUS presents itself. This Smart System collects scattered data from different sources, organizes and exploits it, avoiding duplications. It is developed by Engineering and is aimed to City Managers, Data Providers, Companies and Citizens, offering a FIWARE based solution (City Enabler) compliant with OASC principles. Applying eight Generic Enablers, including NGSI v2, it is open to other platforms, avoiding vendor or city lock-in.

Civity comprises four products or modules that turn “raw data into meaningful stories”. It offers a complete system to collect, to manage and interconnect data safely. Dataplatform.nl allows to gather all the user data in one place. Slim Melden eases the smart and secure use of Open Data. Data Hamster is used facilitate the process of data collection and its management. And the City Innovation Platform supports standards and harmonised data models, empowering data governance.

Centered on the measurement and collection of information from connected objects – fixed or mobile – and their communication to the city, residents and enterprises towards improved mobility, CommuniThings solutions range from smart-parking, through fleet management, to air quality. At the Summit its smart parking and water metering solutions will be demoed. As a pioneer deploying IoT platforms, CommuniThings uniqueness lies in its ability to offer a host of modular and scalable services, managed by one central server.

e3tcity platform uses point-to-point wireless/M2M links to connect devices to a cloud server, to their user applications or to different services and solutions developed by third parties. The advantage of using point-to-point technology is that the connection does not need to be planned, nor require the creation of nodes, mesh networks or gateways. At the Summit, e3city is showcasing their devices and how their solution could be adapted to different fields such as the lighting sector, air conditioning, irrigation or other sensor networks.

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