FIWARE Tour Guide Application now ready!

Jan 8, 2016Ecosystem

One of the aspects we have been improving during the past few months is the availability of tutorial materials for FIWARE developers. After releasing the FIWARE Tour Guide, now we are proud to announce that the FIWARE Tour Guide Application is up and running. 

This tutorial application illustrates how to create a complete smart application by combining different FIWARE GEs and standard development technologies such as Node.JS and HTML5. It integrates data GEs (Orion Context Broker, Cosmos), IoT GEs (IDAS Iot Agents) and Security GEs. However, as the application has been built using docker-compose, you can play with the GEs on an individual basis as well. More details about this application can be found here.

The main functionality offered is the smart management of a big restaurant franchise, including reservations, reviews and all the parameters which have to do with managing each restaurant on a day by day basis. 

The application is an excellent example that will allow you to grasp the best from FIWARE Technologies and help you to understand, in a few minutes, how to set up a complete FIWARE development environment. Additionally, we have embraced docker as the technology that enables the instant availability of up and running GEs.

Try and tweak the Tour Guide application and if you have any feedback please contact us at

We will continue updating and refining the application, so please stay tuned and follow our repository

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