FIWARE awarded the best Smart Apps in Campus Party Mexico 2015

Aug 14, 2015Tech

In July 2015, the presence of FIWARE in Campus Party Mexico 6 was a success thanks to, among other things, its wonderful stand, its workshops and the availability of its architects, who were more than willing to teach developers how to make the most of FIWARE. But, if there was something in Campus Party Mexico that drew everybody’s attention, that was the FIWARE hackathon (and the 170,000 pesos that it would give to the best three “Smart App” projects making use of FIWARE). As we already said in our previous post about Campus Party, “Pedro Pablo Rodríguez won the first prize with the project HugTeddy, which allows busy parents to watch for their little children and not to miss out any detail of their growth”, but what about the other two winners? Do you want to discover all the details of the three projects?


Winners of FIWARE hackathon in Campus Party Mexico 2015

ArduinoPlant and SIRC were also awarded for the use that they made of FIWARE. ArduinoPlant is formed by an Arduino device with humidity and temperature sensors and an Android app that sends the information to the FIWARE Cloud. On the other hand, SIRC gathers information about environmental factors, traffic analysis or route optimization from public transportation. This way, users could access all the information they may need about buses, for example, and the weather conditions that could affect their timelines.

According to the developers of SIRC , “even if you need some time to understand FIWARE and its communication protocols, it is little time if compared with the time you may need to develop all those functionalities from scratch. We needed only four days to develop our prototype.” And although they only implemented Orion Context Broker and IdM for users authentication, their prototype also includes IDAS and PEP Proxy. ArduinoPlant also made use of Orion Context Broker.

While the developers of ArduinoPlant already knew FIWARE (actually, they got the first prize in the Smartphones category in Campus Party 2014 with their project Bustracker), Campus Party Mexico 2015 was the first contact of SIRC with FIWARE. The developers of SIRC stated that they had already developed IoT projects and that they will use FIWARE from now on, while also highlighting the help of FIWARE architects.

Both projects seem to be very promising, considering the plans that their developers have in mind. We hope to have great news soon!


HugTeddy and FIWARE

11741051_957621444295073_1238465888700145024_oHugTeddy, the project by Pedro Pablo Rodríguez that won our hackathon, allows parents to watch for their children when they cannot be with them. It is literally a teddy bear with a wifi connection, Bluetooth, HD camera, microphone and HD speakers. After connecting HugTeddy to the Internet, parents can have access to an online store to get new functionalities. Thus, they will be able to teach new words, numbers or colours to their children.

According to Pedro Pablo Rodríguez, FIWARE played an essential role when developing HugTeddy, as the API allowed to develop the prototype and to implement the main functionalities in less time. He highlighted the stability and security of the platform when connecting the IoT devices and the application.

The FIWARE team would like to congratulate the teams of the three projects and hopes to hear from them very soon!


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