FIWARE Open-Source Community: Governance Model available for comments

Jul 16, 2015Smart Cities

In the process of creating the FIWARE Community, a public open and transparent consultation is now open for comments and contributions to the FIWARE Community Governance Model.

The FIWARE Community Governance Model has been designed with the following principles in mind:

  • Openness: it should be open to those who have contributions to make (following well established procedures).
  • Meritocracy: active contributors should be publicly recognized and only active contributors to technology would be able to govern decisions on the technology.
  • Transparency: there should be well-defined, documented and publicly available procedures.
  • Market-oriented approach: those organizations committed to invest significant resources to support the FIWARE development and further adoption in the market will have a prominent role in the community.

The Goverance Model is publicly available for comments on this link until this 31st July.

I hope you will share our excitement about the process of profound transformation we are undergoing. We look for your constructive feedback and participation in the process!

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