FIWARE at StartUp Weekends

Jan 13, 2015Tech

Being present at StartUp Weekends has probably been one of the best experiences for the FIWARE team. It is truly amazing to see how people, who were strangers to each other before that very day, can work together and build great digital services in just two days. It is all about combining inventiveness, work and fun! Not convincing enough?  Then read how an organizer who was quite skeptical at the beginning was finally captivated by the good vibes (“I actually wanted to jump in and work with one of the teams”). That is actually what happened in some of the StartUp Weekends that we attended, where even the organizers spent their time programming and developing (of course, not participating in the contest!).

After some games and activities to get to know all of the participants, the first ideas are presented, but only the best ones are selected. Then, everybody gets into one group and the hard work begins! After two days, the best solutions are awarded, but prizes and recognition are not the best part. It is just incredible to see how people coordinate in a matter of minutes and start working on their ideas. Some of the groups are so organized and have such good ideas that they keep working after the event and become part of the FIWARE ecosystem.

And what is FIWARE doing there? Some of the StartUp Weekends, such as this one or this one, highlight the usability of our technology and consider the use that participants make of it to choose the winners. But if you don’t know how to use FIWARE, you can still come and participate in StartUp Weekend, as members of the FIWARE staff usually attend to help participants and solve all of their problems. It is funny and, above all, it is rewarding. If you want to see pictures of some of the StartUp Weekends, visit our Facebook webpage.

And you? Have you ever attended a StartUp Weekend? What are you waiting for?

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