FIWARE Accelerator Programme – December 2014 Update

Dec 9, 2014Opportunities

€ 80 Million Direct Funding +Technical Training | Business Coaching | Networking

We are reaching out to startups and entrepreneurs all over Europe to help them create their innovative projects with FIWARE. Sixteen accelerators specialized in several business domains can provide the funding and support to jump-start your dream. Many of the accelerators have already closed their first open calls, but that does not mean that FIWARE Accelerator Programme is over. Don't panic! You still will be able to submit your project. Do you want to know how many projects have already applied? Get informed now!

There are several projects and digital services that have already presented their application to be part of the FIWARE Accelerator Programme and get part of the funding and support that acccelerators, as specialists in different domains, are providing to young entrepreneurs. Let's have a look at what European countries have presented more projects!

But, although some accelerators have closed their first open calls, most of them will open a second round and will help more and more entrepreneurs and young SMEs. Funding is just a part, mentoring and support will also be given to them. Do you want to know who and how they will help? Then, do not miss our latest presentation!



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