FIWARE at Smart City Expo 2014

Nov 7, 2014Ecosystem

From the 18th to the 20th of November, FIWARE will be present at the Smart City Expo Barcelona, an event that has only needed three years to become a leading congress in Smart City solutions. Among the different activities that will take place during these days, you can find training, conferences and demos; so no matter what your main interest is, you will find an activity for you.

What will you find there?

WORKSHOPS: Attend the different workshops to learn all the benefits of opening data from cities and how you can make the most of FIWARE for your own application.

  • How can your Smart City application benefit from the FIWARE ecosystem? Learn how FIWARE can help you quickly and cost-effectively build a Smart City application [Wednesday 19th – 12:00; Thursday 20th – 11:00].
  • What can FIWARE do for your city? Learn what FIWARE brings to Smart Cities and why cities should invest in smart ICT infrastructures and services [Wednesday 19th – 16:00; Thursday 20th – 12:30].

BOOTCAMP: IMPACT accelerator in collaboration with the Barcelona City Council invites you to an intensive FIWARE technical bootcamp! [18th and 19th of November from 15:30 to 19:00]



Winners of the FIWARE Smart Society Challenge, Outbarriers has created an app that helps blind people to move safely around a city.


Winners at the FIWARE Smart Business Challenge, the app helps taxi drivers find you! Not the other way around!


Adevice is the pilot project that allows parameters such as levels of chlorine, PH or air speed to be measured at public fountains.

Virtual Oulu

Live a novel Smart city experience with Virtual Oulu, a 3D virtual reality demonstration where you wear Oculus Rift headset that shows you 3D model of the Finnish city of Oulu.


It enables citizens to make data that is measured from their Android phones publicly available. Data on temperature, humidity, light, position can be monitored.

We build Hamburg!

“We Build Hamburg” is an app that offers a real time view of building projects in the city of Hamburg using Open Data.


EsAccesible participated in the FIWARE Smart Society Challenges with and app for phones and tablets that allows users to rate and share the accessibility of places.

CONFERENCES: You will be able to attend conferences by FIWARE experts, such as “FIWARE: transforming cities into ICT enablers based on open data/APIs and the connection to the Internet of Things” [Tuesday 29th 12:15] or “FIWARE Lab and the opportunities for cities to build FIWARE-based infrastructures connected to the FIWARE Lab” [Thursday 20th 11:15].

And you can also come and enjoy the wonderful stand that will host all these events, talk to FIWARE experts and to developers who have already used it and can share their experiences with you. This is a unique opportunity to know more about both the FIWARE technical part and the FIWARE ecosystem.

Let FIWARE do the work, let yourself focus on your great innovative idea!

Consult the full agenda below these lines:


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