Adevice: fresh projects on clean water

Aug 7, 2014Tech

Smart cities are no longer a plan, but a reality; projects based on FIWARE technology are little by little being launched and, then, improving the quality of the cities we live in. If some months ago, we could read words by Francisco Jariego, from Telefonica R&D, stating that “cities are the best innovation machine we’ve invented”; we can now be certain that that machine is effectively running. Projects as Adevice are an irrefutable evidence of how the ecosystem created by FIWARE can make our cities a better place to live.

Adevice is an enterprise born in 2008 (Seville, Spain) with a clear interest in wireless communication. Its first and main project allowed private water consumption to be measured from afar; thus laying the foundations of a business that would double its staff members by 2013/14 and would be clearly product-oriented by then. Adevice is now developing —together with the FIWARE platform, the Seville City Hall and Telefónica— a new pilot project that will allow some parameters (such as levels of chlorine, PH or air speed) to be measured at public fountains. Those data can then be consulted and will assure the control of the good state and healthy standards of these facilities.
This pilot system is already installed at the fountain of Plaza España, one of the main fountains of Seville, and is intended to reach up to four more fountains in a period of two months. This new type of M2M communication with interoperable data is defining the way cities of the future will operate; and offers the advantage of working at a very low cost, as in the case of Adevice and its fountain technology. Adevice did also collaborate with FIWARE at the Hackathon in Santander, where the anonymous data of a million water consumption measurements were provided so that participants could test our technology.

Adevice’s project is a great example of how the FIWARE platform can be used to make cities get smarter and smarter. The Internet of Things is allowing this new kind of city management to develop and it is now keeping Sevillian fountains safe and clean. The next time you see the crystal clear waters of a fountain; remember that it is thanks to initiatives such as Adevice and its collaboration with FIWARE that they stay that way.

Picture by Antonio Gil

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