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The next 28-29 July will be held The II EU-Brazil Cooperation Workshop in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) – EUBR 2014 in Brasilia-DC within the celebration of the XXXIV CSBC – Congress of the Computer Science Society, the major conference in Computer Science in Brazil.

After the FI-WARE successful repercussion at the Campus Party Brazil 2014, the 29th July will be an all-day workshop where FI-WARE will be presented through different showcases, conferences and debates. In this event the cities, the urban improvement and the entrepreneurship will have a relevant role.

This workshop will contribute to the expansion of FI-WARE as an open platform for SMEs, startups and entrepreneurs all over the world. 

In 2009, The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil, together with the European Commission Delegation in Brazil and the DG Connect Unit of the European Commission, in partnership with USP, the University of Brasilia and the National Education and Research Network, promoted the I EU-Brazil Cooperation Workshop in Information and Communication Technologies, the EUBR 2009. This workshop was originally created to generate initiatives for a common research between Brazil and Europe.

The II EUBR 2014 is supported by the SBC, the SEPIN / MCTI of Brazil, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Union Delegation in Brasilia and the DG Connect Unit of the European Commission.

Here is the agenda of the FI-WARE session:

09:00-09:30    Opening of the session
Américo Bernardes – Director of Digital Inclusion – Ministério das Comunicações Brasil
Jorge Pereira (European Commission-DG CONNECT)

09:30-10:30    FI-WARE value proposition
Juanjo Hierro. FI-WARE Chief Architect and Coordinator

10:00-10:15    Materializing Smart Cities using FI-WARE in Europe
Stefano de Panfilis. FI-Lab coordinator and FI¬PPP Steering Board Chair

10:15-10:45    FI-Lab nodes in Brazil
Representatives from USP and UFU universities

10:45-11:15    Smart Cities initiatives in Brazil – Part I

10:45-11:00    FI-Guardian: first success story in Brazil
Marcos Marconi. FI-Guardian

11:00-11:15    USP Cidades FI-WARE Use Case
Sergio Takeo Kofuji. USP

11:15-11:30    Coffee break

11:30-12:45    Smart Cities initiatives in Brazil- Part II

11:30-11:45    Human Cities and FI-WARE
Prof. Dr. Álvaro Oliveira. Coordenador das Human Smart Cities Network.

11:45-12:00    The Brazilian Forum strategy for Human Smart Cities
Dr. André Gomyde Porto (President of Forum Nacional de Secretários 
Municipais de Ciência e Tecnologia)

12:00-12:10    A proposal for the Brazilian Institute of Human Smart Cities
Prof. Anilton Salles Garcia (Director President of FAPES)

12:10-12:20    Presentation by Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais
Dr. Délio Malheiros (Vice Mayor)

12:20-12:30    Presentation by Curitiba, Parana
Dr. Paulo Roberto Miranda (Municipality Secretary of Information and Technology)

12:30-12:40    Presentation by Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro
Dr. Ricardo Oliveira (CEO of iPLAN Rio)

12:40-12:50    Presentation by Vitoria, Espirito Santo
Prof. Anilton Salles Garcia (Director President of FAPES)

12:50-13:15    Open debate about collaboration opportunities

13:15-14:30    Lunch break

14:30-16:30    SECOMU (key note in main room, no parallel sessions)

16:30-17:00    Coffee Break

17:00-17:20    FI-WARE and National Technology Platforms: the case of Spain
Luis Ignacio Vicente. President of Spanish Technology Platform on Future Internet.

17:20-17:40    Presentation on FI-WARE acceleration program
Stefano de Panfilis. FI-Lab coordinator and FI-PPP Steering Board Chair

17:40-18:00    Challenges and opportunities regarding entrepreneurship in Brazil
Felipe Matos, COO at Start-UP Brasil

18:00-19:00    Open debate about collaboration opportunities

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