Neelie Kroes: “FI-WARE is ‘open’ for business! €80 million on offer for startups and small business”

Jul 15, 2014Smart Cities

Source: Neelie Kroes Blog

Are you a startup or small business with a bright idea for a new app or service? Want to get your hands on the tools to make that a reality – or the chance for a share of €80 million to get you started? If so, we have a great opportunity for you!

Whether it's smart cities or the internet of things – there are many great innovative ideas and apps out there. But many of them rely on the same "generic" enablers, basic building blocks from which you can create great things.

And this is where we can help. FI-WARE is a "toolbox" making all those building blocks available to use and innovate with, open, fast, interoperable, reusable, and reliable. Without the risk of getting "locked in" or dependent on one supplier. So you don't have to worry about fixing basic problems that others have already solved, but can focus on developing the specifics of your bright idea.

And you can try them all out at the FI-Lab. (All part of our Public-Private Partnership on the Future Internet—and of our commitment to helping EU entrepreneurs startup in Europe, and stay in Europe).

Many apps have already been built using these tools – from warning about earthquakes to helping taxi drivers. Below you can see the CEO of FoodLoop talk about how he used FI-WARE building blocks to support his own work:

But I know the building blocks are not enough – you need the resources to help you see your idea through. FI-WARE also offers business support, mentoring and the chance to network and share with your peers. And from September there will be €80 million of EU money available for around 1300 small businesses and web entrepreneurs using those FI-WARE tools. That money won't come direct from the EU: but via those best able to understand and support startup needs – accelerators. The full list of the 16 accelerators is here — with each able to have a different focus.

If you're interested in then try out some of our tools at the FI-Lab portal – and keep an eye out here for your chance to grab a share of €80 million!

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