Mexico, first Latin American country to deploy FI-WARE

Jun 27, 2014Smart Cities

FI-WARE has announced today at Campus Party Mexico that INFOTEC will deploy and operate in Mexico the first Latin American node of a FI-WARE instance (FI-Lab),  making the technology available to Mexican developers and entrepreneurs that wish to experiment with it. This collaboration between Europe and Mexico means a first step beyond European borders towards making FI-WARE a truly global open platform.

During the event FI-WARE experts will transfer their know-how to INFOTEC engineers so they can operate the first FI-Lab node in Mexico, as well as several presentations and workshops that will show to Mexican entrepreneurs the potential FI-WARE has in domains such as Smart Cities, connection to the Internet of Things or real-time processing and analysis of Big Data. 

One of the main objectives that the deployment of FI-WARE in Mexico pursues is to reduce the existing backlog in Mexico in Future Internet technologies thanks to the use of FI-WARE's well-founded and proven technology. The deployment will start in October through a scalable node that will expand progressively and continuously until Mexico is fully equiped for Future Internet developments, reaching a computing capacity and storage similar to other nodes already deployed in Europe. 

We hope that with this node FI-WARE can have a nation-wide impact, that it will be used by companies and innovators in the ICT sector. The idea is that the implementation of the platform can help universities, enterprises and governments to have the proper tools to streamline the generation of services offered to citizens in important issues such as security, energy and logistics" said Hugo Estrada, Researcher at INFOTEC.

The launch of this node will also mark the beginning of an ecosystem that promotes innovation in Mexico, creating greater opportunities for entrepreneurs in the country. 

"FI-WARE is especially designed to facilitate the development of applications that address the need for connectivity with sensors and devices in the Internet of Things, as well as manage and process data and content at a large scale in real time. These differential elements make FI-WARE a tool that can boost the creation of innovative services and improve current processes, something essential for governments, cities and businesses today" said Juanjo Hierro, Chief Architecht of the FI-WARE platform. 

"FI-WARE incorporates technology that articulates open innovation processes that enable entrepreneurs to develop new services around open data made ​​available. It is being a key in realizing open data policies within Administrations. Thanks to FI-WARE, cities can not only manage services for citizens more efficiently, but they can truly become innovation platforms" adds Hierro. 

The initiative will be made possible in Mexico thanks to the collaboration of INFOTEC, CONACYT, TEC de Monterrey, CENIDET PLENUM and QoSLabs.


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