Selected teams to compete in the finals of the Smart Society Challenge

Jun 13, 2014Tech

We have just received the selection of teams that will participate in FI-WARE's Smart Society Challenge!

The Smart Society Challenge will award a total of € 200,000 to find the most innovative projects that pursue societal benefits using FI-LAB. This means internet applications that are focused on education, health, social inclusion are just a few examples of themes that can participate in this category. We have 20 teams selected through Campus Labs and 2 teams that won through a partnership and hackathon wtih Hack 4 Good.

Congratulations to all. See you in the finals at Campus Party in Spain! Here is the list:

  • Magicbox: Javier Herrero
  • Sitic: Raúl Herrero
  • EsAccesible app: Juan José Bilbao Junquera
  • Figlass: Antonio Sánchez 
  • HEALTHIOX: ITIOX Javier Alvargonzález
  • Cares: Carlos Miguel Vázquez 
  • EruditFriend: Tatiana Orlova & Yuri Orlov
  • OurSkin: Angel Carlos Román
  • PajamaKids: Alex Holubec 
  • FI-CARE: Marcos Marconi
  • BEING IN TOUCH: BiT (Banana Lab team) Héctor Linares
  • ProHealth: Alberto Calleja
  • WakeUp: Jorge Izquierdo
  • Sixcampus: Alex Sancho 
  • HappyCities: Ricardo Moreno
  • Societal: Roberto Ibarra
  • My people care: Chris Meudec 
  • Outbarriers: José Manuel Robles
  • HackAcademy: Massimiliano Picone
  • RL-Education: Sebastián Villa
  • Where2Study: Brais Viladedra
  • Kodefu: Miquel Camps

They will compete in the next Campus Party in Spain for the following prizes:

First Prize: €75,000
Second Prize: €40,000
Third Prize: €20,000
Special Mention Young Developer: €5,000
Special Mention Application with the greatest potential: €5,000

What will they experience participating in the finals? Well, here is a reminder of what it was like the last time, when we had the Smart Cities and Smart Business Challenges in Brazil!


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