Adriana Gascoigne (Girls in Tech) talks to us about entrepreneurship at Campus Party Brazil

Feb 13, 2014Ecosystem

It seems like ages ago, but it has only been two weeks since we were at Campus Party Brasil 2014 celebrating the Finals of first two FI-WARE Challenges.

Our experience resulted in a vortex of positive feelings towards innovation through technology and entrepreneurship. We took home with us a lot of sensations and that is why we want to thank the 8,000 attendees (or campuseiros) for being there, with special mention to the participants of the Smart Cities and Smart Business and Industry Challenges. They demonstrated impressive ammounts of creativity, willpower, patience and ability to learn swiftly. Any competition like the Challenges is stressful, and we know how hard you all worked. To all of you we can only say: thank you. A lot. 

In this context, surrounded by these feelings and by amazing people, we had the chance to talk to another visionary that was in Sao Paulo those days: Adriana Gascogine, founder and CEO of "Girls in Tech", a global non-profit organization focused on the engagement, education and empowerment of women in technology and entrepreneurship. Want to listen to what she told us about entrepreneurship, innovation and Campus Party? Watch the following video!


Thanks to Adriana for taking the time to speak to us! Go to for more info. 

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