Selected teams for the FI-WARE Challenges at Campus Party Brazil 2014

Jan 9, 2014Smart Cities

Find out who are the 40 outstanding teams that have presented ideas for Smart City and Smart Business internet applications with FI-WARE. Only the 40 teams below (out of nearly 700 submissions from all over the globe) will compete in the finals at Campus Party Brazil 2014!

Here is the list of teams (team representative followed by the name of the idea) that will compete for the final prizes. 




1. Marian Claudiu Moldovan, with Spring

2. Marco Vereda Manchego, with ApparKart

3. Sergio Chamorro, with CityBrain

4. Natalia Vicente, with TagTagCity

5. Ignacio García, with Wecollect

6. Daniel Caro, with Urban M

7. Álvaro Romero Izquierdo, with SmartBox

8. Claudio Esposito, with SocialMarket

9. Burak Hançerli, with Chaos System

10. Antonio Sánchez, with QuickParking

11. Alberto Martín Alcubierre, with Smart Zity

12. Isabela Medeiros, with Entry

13. Christian Moller, with VASEC

14. Carlos Adalberto Albarran, with SmartParking

15. Juan Manuel Romero, with CARES

16. Matteo Del Rio Lostal, with Smart Traffic

17. Daniel Lima, with La Urbo

18. Marcos Marconi, Viviane Lesa, with FI-Guardian

19. Daniel Menchaca, with Smart App City

20. Alejandro Santamaría Arza, with Sparky



1. Felix Joel López Salcedo, with Context

2. Sergio López, with Shake&Go

3. Stelios Sotiriadis, with Interact

4. Customer Support – Derick Leone, with Smart

5. Shane O’Sullivan, with, with Carbon Control

6. Florian Klemt, with

7. Federico López, with Smart Taxi

8. Ottavio Sgrosso, withAppetitoo

9. Tatiana Orlova, with VPC

10. Nixon Rondon, with Cloud Industry

11. Edwin Marcelo Llauca Guallpa, with Kituris

12. David Lechon, with Smaheater

13. Christoph Müller-Dechent, with Foodloop

14. Joao Vieira, with GALVYAS

15. Diego Bonfim, with Ombudsman Office 2.0

16. Dmitrii Ignatev, with AmiCO

17. Jesus Martin, with MyCity4Me

18. Xavier Xao, with Wadjet

19. Carlos A. Albarrán, with SmartAdStore

20. Christian Ryder, with FoneSense

Thanks to all the people that have participated in this first phase of the Smart Cities and Smart Business Challenges! If you haven't been selected you will have another opportunity with the next FI-WARE Challenges we will announce in February.

See you in Sao Paulo! Where we will not only have the finals of the FI-WARE Challenges, we will celebrate technology at Campus Party with conferences, workshops, round tables and a couple of fun surprises for campuseros at the FI-WARE Stand.

Stay tunned for more info on all our activities at Campus Party Brazil 2014!

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