Meet the winners of our previous Smart City programming competition

Dec 4, 2013Smart Cities

Ever since we launched  the FI-WARE Challenges with Campus Party  (AKA in twitter as #FIWARE800K) people ask us about a lot of things, specially what was developed in the hackathons we had at Campus Party Europe and at the Santander Smart City event we held in October. 

You'll understand that the question can be both easy and a complex to answer. So we are going to try to help all of you interested in the apps that were developed in previous hackathons by addressing both ways of answering them. 

So for the easy part: What were the winning apps? Who did them? Watch this short video about our days in Santander and don't miss the short explanation that the winners of that hackathon gave us right after the award ceremony. 

Now that is simple and easy explanation. But maybe you are a developer and you really want to know more specific things about these apps, maybe a practical example of how FI-WARE can be used to create Smart City and Smart Business apps? Well: we've got a suprise for you tomorrow. Stay tunned!

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