What is FI-WARE? What is FI-LAB? An infographic

Nov 29, 2013Smart Cities

Many people get a glimpse of what FI-WARE is and get excited about the ambitious and powerful concept it represents. But immediately a lot of questions start coming up: this is Huge, where does it come from? why is this being done? who's supporting it? what is FI-LAB and what does it have to do with FI-WARE? When we were at Smart City Expo World Congress last week we received these questions and many more. 

That is why we decided to explain key information of the past, present and future of FI-WARE in a infographic. We hope that people can get a view of FI-WARE and FI-LAB in a nutshell. 


You can also download and share this infographic on Slideshare.

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