Entrepreneurs and developers: unite for a better future through digital innovation!

Sep 27, 2013Ecosystem

Private companies and the European Union are joining forces to help startups, entrepreneurs, developers, public administrations and European citizens in general to create a better future through digital innovation. This is the reason why FI-WARE exists and why people such as Neelie Kroes (Vice President of the European Commission) and Carlos Domingo (CEO of Telefonica R&D) are two of our best advocates. 

Recently they presented FI-WARE and it's open innovation lab, FI-Lab, in this context. Their bet is for a pan-european platform that makes innovation for Future Internet applications easier for everybody: an "Operating System" of the internet that is open, royalty free, easy to use. Their speeches inspired us to keep on working towards this common good and we hope they also spark this inspiration in you. 

As Carlos Domingo said, we cannot dwell in the past, we have to look at the future and act quickly: 

"It's time to stop looking at the past and start looking at the future, and start looking at what are the next opportunities  (…) and this is what this presentation is about, this is what this project is about , this is why it's called the Future of Internet, because it's about looking at the future and how Europe can regain the leadership it had in the past in the new revolution that the internet is bringing among us

"We are doing this in a different way than other companies are doing things. And there are two main things that are very different: this is a Public-Private partnership. Private companies, with comercial interests, getting together with the Public Goverment and the European Union"

On the other hand, Neelie Kroes offers the European Union's full support and encourages us to make the best of it with the tools we will have: 

"You have the desire to make a difference, and we will back you. We badly need you. The generation that is not risky-avoiding, the generation that has this dream (…)  I want to give you the resources you need to do that. And today we are presenting some new tools, new building blocks so to say, that you can use for the innovations of the future. The future of Europe" 

"Let's stop with being modest in Europe. We can make it. We really can. Once we have found consortia to act as intermediaries, "Calls" will be open to all. And that means you. You'll have the chance to submit your ideas and opportunities; and find new partners to work with, new cities or new sectors. We expect that around 1000 startups will benefit from grants to develop apps and other digital services around FI-WARE. I think this will play a part – not just in boosting innovation – but in shaping the whole underlying fabric of the European web community"

Want to know more? Join us in our future events, follow us through our social networks and be up to date on our plans for the next months. There are very exciting things to come! 



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