Winners of the FI-WARE challenge at Campus Party Europe 2013

Sep 13, 2013Ecosystem

During Campus Party Europe 2013 FI-WARE gave €20.000 in prizes to developers who participated and created great ideas for apps in the Hackathon "Build your Future Internet application using FI-WARE"
The challenge consisted of building applications based on FI-WARE's “Generic Enablers” (GEs) available in FI-LAB, the open platform available to developers for free experimentation with the technology
There were 44 teams registered and the few days they had to develop their apps were intense. The FI-WARE team helped applicants to get their projects on time, even staying up all night to help them with any issues they encountered during the hackathon. 
A total of 10 teams made it to submitting the final application. Several teams gradually gave up after seeing the tough competition. Everybody were extremely impressed with the level of the participants who created their ideas in record time. It was incredible. 
The first prize, 5,000€, was awarded to the Smartads project, formed by Alberto Elias, Braulio Valdivielso, Alejandro Perezpaya and Jorge Izquierdo, who developed what they called "Smads: smart ads for smart cities" 

With the buzz around smart cities, people are starting to worry about having advertisements everywhere. Smart cities have an enormous potential in this field. That's the reason why the creators of Smads think that is important that we make use of it. This project proposes a system in which the ads displayed to a user are chosen based on the information received from different kinds of sensors that measure, for instance, the temperature, the proximity or the humidity. Smads is a product that makes ads appears just in the most proper moment, according with the information coming from the sensors. This will allow advertisers to reach the users just when they need their products, then the brands will reach them in a more efficient way and will get a better impact.

Want to meet the winners of the first price? Here's a short interview we did with them. When you see it you will understand why they also won the Best Young Developer prize! 

The second prize of three thousand euros (3,000€)  was given to Traffic Monitor, by Justas Salkevicius (from Lithuania). Justas was amazing, unlike others he worked completely alone to create his app to monitor and control crowded events. 
The project tries to monitor the crowdedness of a location. It will warn if the limit of people that can be in a place is reached and about constant crowdedness. Traffic monitor will analyze the behavior in big events and traffic data to allocate participants flow better. It also gathers data about shop display window and ad efficiency.
He told us a bit more about himself, the project that won him 2nd prize and his first impressions of working with FI-WARE.

The third prize of one thousand five hundred euros (1,500€) was given to Enphi, by Ivan Trancik’s team (from Slovakia).
EnPhi — Feedback-Driven Environment Evaluating Platform is a project is about finding, processing and displaying correlations between people's feelings about some place and an objective sensor data. In this way, you can figure which data (humidity, illumination, temperature, etc.) is what makes people feel better. This project will enable users to thumb-up or thumb-down their feelings about particular place. When the user makes his move, the subjective data are sent to the server, where a context is being created showing the user reviews by colors.
Ivan's other teamembers had to leave early but we did get a chance to ask him about himself, EnPhi and the experience participating in the hackathon. 

The fourth prize of €500 went to "Sociware", by Pau Contreras’ team (Spain). And an additional €5,000 was distributed over special categories: the Best Young Developer prize of €2,500 went to “Smards”, by Alberto Elias’ team (Spain) and Best “Connected to the Internet of Things” prize of €2,500 went to “Hotel Automation” by Antonio Sanchez’s team (Spain)
Congratulations to the winners! You guys were an inspiration to all of us! 

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