FIWARE Enablers going Open Source

Jul 30, 2013Tech

We are excited  to announce that again new reference implementations of FIWARE Generic Enablers went Open Source, available under the BSD License. The Registry, part of the Apps and Services Ecosystem chapter, together with Data Handling and  Database Anonymizer from the Security chapter, all developed by SAP, are now on directly available on github.

Registry Enabler

The Registry is a core enabler of the FI-WARE Business Framework, which is used to store information on service instances necessary for run-time execution. Discovering entities and their description in an open distributed system often is achieved via registries. The registry serves as a kind of directory and for example can store detailed settings for concrete infrastructure components as well as information about human or computing agents. The information can range from stable to extremely volatile and is needed to make specific settings for and adjustments to other components in the platform. For example, the Registry can be used by the Marketplace in order to register stores, providers, persons, infrastructure components and more.

Registry Architecture

Registry Reference Implementation: https://

Data Handling Generic Enabler

The Data Handling GE is a privacy-friendly attribute-based access control system, which targets mainly sensitive data. It is a core enabler of the Security Framework in FI-WARE. In practice, it permits to store data together with their privacy policies, which regulates its usage. Thus, the Data Handling GE can reveal certain attributes, if a request matches the specific usage conditions stated in their privacy policy. Moreover, it supports the enforcement of a number of obligations, which are firmly bound to data. For instance, one can impose a specific retention period, as well as the production of user’s notifications and/or logging under certain conditions.

Data Handling  Implementation:

Database Anonymizer Enabler

DB Anonymizer is a service that helps to study and to anonymize information subject to disclosure activities. Among other functionalities, it permits to evaluate the adequateness of an anonymization strategy, and its vulnerability towards attacks aiming at reconstructing the original contents of an anonymized dataset. DB Anonymizer is designed to be easily reused by other services, compositions or applications. It is one of the Optional Security Enablers that are part of the architecture of the FI-WARE Security chapter.

Data Anonymizer Implementation: http://

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