FI-WARE opens Smartcities to Future Internet App Developers

May 14, 2013Smart Cities

Our recent exhibition in Dublin Future Internet Assembly (FIA, May 7-10th 2013) shows how FI-WARE enablers truly expose open APIs & protocols embedding the technology complexity and, more important, real-time data and events of Smartcities.

The following picture shows this demo, based on the successful collaboration with the FI-PPP Phase I Outsmart project.

Outsmart SmartSantander public lighting scenario has built its services on top of DCA IDAS, the main asset in the FI-WARE IoT Back-end Device management GE, that collects data of actual sensors in the "Parque de las LLamas" location.

Additionally, this FI-WARE GE is translating sensor data into real-time OMA NGSI events, accesible to developers via the standard APIs of the Context Broker GE at the FI-WARE Testbed in the cloud. In the terminal snapshot we observe the XML a developer receives whenever GPS-located presence sensors in the park are triggered. In this park there exist also lighting, temperature and public lights energy consumption sensors. 

Developers will be also able to plug those NGSI events into other FI-WARE enablers, and thus benefiting from other assets such as Bigdata, Complex Event Processing, Security APIs, etc. This way, FI-WARE behaves like a kind of "Open Operating System of a Smartcity", ready for developers and entrepreneurs willing to make true totally new and creative Future Internet Apps exploiting Smartcities data and events.

At present, only Phase II FI-PPP use-case projects can exploit this facility to develop Future Internet vertical solutions. However, stay tuned, because right this summer we are opening it to any third party launching the FI-WARE Open Innovation Lab (OIL).

Together with this exhibition, FI-WARE performed a large set of collaboration activities during the FIA week:

  1. Attendance to other Workshops to establish cooperation links and tasks. For instance, we met the IERC to align our IoT proposal to the newest research trends.
  2. FI-WARE briefing in the FI-PPP session of the FIA Plenary at the Helix on Thu May 9th.
  3. Pre-FIA Workshop on Tue May 7th. This session agenda is included below and it included a presentation of the Outsmart project carried out by Luis Sanchez and a presentation of the Phase II FI-CONTENTII project by Carmen Mac Williams.


Pre FIA Workshop Agenda (May 7th 2013)

14:30-14:40 Introduction and brief presentation of the workshop: Nuria de Lama (Atos)

14:40-15:00: The Open Innovation Lab: Stefano de Panfilis (Engineering)

15:00-15:30: FI-WARE Technical value: Juanjo Hierro (Telefónica)

15:30-15:45: Building FI-WARE (contributions from the Research community): representative from IERC cluster

     Break & networking (30’)

-> Real Experiences on how to use FI-WARE

16:15-16:35: Practical case 1: OUTSMART Project: Luis Sánchez

16:35-16:55: Practical case 2: FI-CONTENTII Project: Carmen Mac Williams

Engaging and extending the community:

16:55-17:10: Future Internet in the Manufacturing context: Sergio Gusmeroli (FITMAN)

17:10-17:25 Initiatives from FI-WARE to work with developers and entrepreneurs: Carlos Ralli (Telefónica)

17:25-17:30 Conclusions and next steps








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