Architectural weeks: fostering collaboration in the 2nd phase of the PPP from the beginning

Apr 9, 2013Opportunities

FI-WARE and the Use Case trials, recently incorporated to the PPP Programme, gathered in Madrid last week at the Telecommunications Engineering School of the UPM.  

The goal of the meeting was to initiate the collaboration with the Use Case Trials from the very start (ever before their internal kick-offs) to ensure that we share a common view and the same objectives. FI-WARE provided a holistic vision of the achievements and the methodology we use and the Use Cases gave us insights in their respective projects. The focus was mainly at architectural level but there was also room for organisational aspects. Overall, a lot of work for four whole days but we are pleased that we now understand each other rather well.

It was a pleasure to know key members of cSpace, Finesce, FI-CONTENT II, FITMAN and FI-STAR and will continue strengthening the collaboration ties with them. We are working very hard to produce Release 2 and start doing hands on experimentation with them and our GEs on FI-WARE’s Testbed.


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