Successful Safecity real-life trial in Madrid relies on Fi-WARE enablers & testbed

Mar 15, 2013Tech

Last week’s Proof of Concept trial of the SafeCity project was a remarkable culmination of a 2 year work. Further to the success of the 1st PoC in Stockholm, where they tested the appropriateness of their solutions in a disaster scenario in a railway tunnel, they embarked again on an exciting and challenging new test. This time, they once again decided to combine their technologies with FI-WARE’s Core Platform to conduct an experiment that would assess the adequateness of both to deal with scenarios involving the police using advanced tools to track down criminals, detect suspicious objects, stop intrusions or deal with loitering.

The test was a fun exercise of members of SafeCity moving around Madrid in freezing temperatures and braving the pouring rain to play the role of “criminals” under the surveillance of the police.  This exercise involved the use of cameras, different levels of video processing, video analytics, 3D video engines and crowd behaviour simulation.

The relevance of the two tests performed by SafeCity is certainly high for FI-WARE, as long as it means a real life validation of the project in the area of Safety and Security. Also, the infrastructure of the FI-WARE testbed performed flawlessly.

We equally welcome the exploitation of FI-WARE’s Generic Enablers in combination with the technologies brought in by SafeCity. Particularly, this was the case with the IaaS Data Center Resource Management, the Complex Event Processing and the Semantic Application Support.

There was an immediate impact on the local media and a myriad of mentions on Internet pages (for instance, on the news agency Europa Press).

FI-WARE would like to wholeheartedly thank Safecity for their fantastic contribution to the FI-PPP and for trusting us. They have made a terrific work demonstrating enthusiasm and decisively helping to pave the way to make the Future Internet a reality.

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