Let’s keep our eye on the ball!

Jan 30, 2013Opportunities

Last week, the FI-WARE chapter leaders and architects met in Rome at the Engineering premises at Ponte Galeria for a four-day meeting. The agenda was full of things to talk about. Thanks to the engagement of all participants, everything was addressed. A significant amount of time was taken to discuss cross-chapter topics which need to be developed during the next months. All these activities will be handled following the Agile process that has driven FI-WARE to date. By the end of February 2013, Epics, Features and User Stories will be defined to properly capture the appropriate requirements. We also started a discussion on the Open Innovation Lab to pave the way towards opening up the testbed to new external adopters, enabling them to perform their experiments on our infrastructure.

The project is now past its mid-term, and as pointed out in our last review, we need to keep our efforts on a successful second-half. It's crucial to demonstrate the effectiveness of the platform that FI-WARE is providing and the benefits to the Users- the so-called Live Demo. The first version of it, based on the Testbed (first version) was presented during the past project review in November 2012. The release of the second version of the Testbed, therefore, also the Live Demo needs to be revamped.

The Live Demo is the top priority for all project members, therefore, each of us needs to intensify our efforts in contributing to our specific tasks, this in a coherent and coordinated manner. The success of FI-WARE lies in our commitment. We are confident that we can pull together with focus and determination to see this to a favourable end ! 

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