Apps and Services Ecosystem goes Open Source

Nov 23, 2012Opportunities

We are delighted to announce that two new reference implementations of Fi-Ware Generic Enablers just went Open Source, available under the BSD License. The Repository and Marketplace GE developed by SAP within the Apps and Services Ecosystem chapter are from now on directly available on github.

Marketplace and Repository in the Apps and Services Ecosystem Architecture Blueprint

The Repository

The Repository is a core enabler of the FI-Ware Business Framework. The repository provides a consistent uniform API to USDL service descriptions and associated media files for applications of the business framework. A service provider can use the Repository to publish the description of various aspects of the service according to a Unified Service Description Language (USDL).

Repository Reference Implementation by SAP:
Repository in the Fi-Ware Catalog:


The Marketplace

In general the marketplace is an instrument to facilitate commerce by bringing together vendors and buyers, or offers and demand, or producers and consumers.  The core functionality of the Marketplace is to provide a uniform service interface to discover and match application and service offerings from providers and sources (e.g. published by different stores) with demand of consumers. This core functionality provides a basis for extended services depending on the domain and nature of the target markets.

Marketplace Reference Implementation by SAP:
Marketplace in the Fi-Ware Catalog:


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